Monday, 9 May 2011

Wild Action Zoo

Junior M's reflections on their visit from Wild Action Zoo last Thursday -

I learnt that:

There are big cockroaches – Jacob

Centipedes can really hurt you by biting – Amelia

The gigantic burrowing cockroach eats leaves and turns it into dirt – Stephanie

There’s such thing as a bearded dragon – Will

A spider called a bird eating spider can melt skin – Joe

Praying mantis’ want to stick onto things so they don’t fall – Riley

There are lots of mini-beasts – Patrick

Lizards like to eat worms – Jessica

I liked the stick insect because they can stick to anything – Jack

Lizards eat mini-beasts – Maria

When crabs are scared they stay in their shells and if you are quiet they will come out – Bassy

There are special types of cockroaches. Also, I like the big spiders because they run quickly – James

Some spiders melt insects’ skin – Brandon

Lizards can be pets. We saw a lizard called “Snake” – Ava

I like how Xavier brought a spider and I like spiders because I like things that are venomous – Angelo

I loved the spider because I learnt a lot about it like it spun its web on the ground – Lauren

I learnt that there are insects called mealy worms. I also learnt that mini beasts help us lots and lots!!!! - Natalie

The big cockroaches are called Giant Burrowing Cockroaches. I also learnt that crabs are mini beasts - Madeline

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