Friday, 23 September 2011

What we learnt this term

To eat a healthy rainbow of food everyday - Amelia
I learnt there is food groups - Jessica
I learnt there is such a thing as dragon fruit - Nat, Pat, Will, Ava
I learnt that your body is like an engine - Jacob & Lauren
I learnt there is such a thing as Jackfruit - Dylan, Will, Pat, Seb, Joe, Jacob, Nat, Madeline, Amelia
I learnt there's such a thing as bumpy melon & Starfruit- Madeline, Will
We learnt these things by:
- Parents
- teachers
- computer
- dictionary
- Going places
- reading books
- Shopkeepers

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Our Parish Lunch

Here is a wordle of some key words that came to mind when we reflected
on the Parish Lunch we held today.
Wordle: Parish Lunch 2011

And here is our evaluation of the day:
How did we prepare for it?
- Making sandwiches
- Working together and team work
- Making special water
- Mums and a grandma came and helped with buttering and cutting
- We had stations so it would be fast to make sandwiches
- We listened to each other
- The parent helpers helped us put the sandwiches together
- We were sensible workers
- We lined up
- We liked working together
Who helped us make the food?
- Mums: Veronica (Madison’s grandma), Pauline (Jacob’s mum), Suzi (Madeline’s mum), Kim (Riley’s mum)
Did we use our knowledge of food that we found out through our inquiry?
- Yes, because after Forest Hill we made sandwiches, so we used our knowledge of that to do the parish Lunch
Do we think the guests enjoyed their lunch?
- Definitely, because they said so and there was lots of clapping
What would we do again?
- Using healthy food
- Do entertainment again
- Use foods from the vegie patch
- Keep making sandwiches
What would we change about the day?
- Perform a song from another year
- Make a different type of drink
- Make different food
- Put different things in the sandwiches
- Don’t put butter in the bread

For photos of the day please see Junior G's blog post

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why do we eat?

We made a poster about why we eat and on the poster you will see what reasons we came up with. I think all the reasons we came up with are things that my siblings and I do - Madeline
Junior M talked about why we need food - Travis
We talked about why we eat food and all the reasons are on the poster - Jacob

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