Thursday, 24 March 2016

Senior S Reflect on our 1st Term's Learning

Will Parker: My favourite part of this term was when we did the how many shapes can you see and the inquiry PLT (Personal Learning Task) Because I did a project on going to the toilet, we made a list of suggestions that we could do and when I looked at the list, it sounded awesome!    

ANGUS-This term I learnt about the different body systems like the Cardiovascular system which I learnt about in the Inquiry PLT’s. I learnt about Syria during the RE: PLT’s…

WILL B! - My first term of being a grade 6er was goooood! I learnt a lot of things! I especially liked doing PLTs - RE and Inquiry! We learnt lots of things on our chromebooks and we learnt it in a funner way than normal! This term and I liked using our chromebooks for learning! I also enjoyed my prep buddy!! I like this term... A LOT - I rate it ✪✪✪✪✪!!
(WILL'S Glossary - Grade 6er -  Grade 6 Person - Chromebooks - Laptop with chrome software - PLT - Personal Learning Task - RE - Religious education - Prep Buddy - A Grade 6 Person Looks after Prep - Prep - A kid that is new to the school - ✪✪✪✪✪ Star Rating)

Will H: My first term in senior S was very exciting and I learned a lot of things. Some things I learnt include: New body systems, more about Syrian war, and some facts about girls education. I also enjoyed the sports we played. My term 1 in 2016 has been AWESOME!!!

Bridie- This term is my last term 1 at primary school and it has been a great term. We have had sports night and that was one of the best things ever. I won the Father Staunton 200m race by a head and green team came second. I also had buddy time throughout the term and I have learnt a lot in my inquiry. My Inquiry was a personal Learning Task and it was on healthy bodies and minds. In our Religion PLT (personal learning tasks) my topic was refugees and I worked on this presentation with my friend Elisa. In maths we have been doing algorithms, Chance and Data, addition and subtraction. In performing arts with Mrs Bergin, we have been doing drama and tongue twisters. In Italian, we played an Italian Bingo called tombola. I won one game. Overall this term has been one of the best term 1’s of my life and I am sad to finish my last term 1 in primary school. See you after the Easter holidays and have a Happy Holidays.

Caoimhe-this term I had a great time. I enjoyed all of our PLT’s (personal learning task) and other subjects  like maths and reading. We also learnt how to play jan ken pon (Japanese paper scissors rock) and we did tongue twisters and  vocal warm ups with Mrs Bergin (performing arts and library teacher).

Jake - This term I enjoyed learning about inquiry P.L.T (personal learning task) because we all got to present it to the seniors in the discovery center. I also liked the Religion P.L.T because I was working with one of my great friend Will H. We were also learning about Paper, Scissors, Rock in Japanese, because we are learning about chance in maths. But I most liked the tongue twisters with Mrs Bergin.

Alex-This term I feel I have gotten better at my maths especially in the whole class contributes I am am getting better at problem solving too. This year my favorite thing has been able to teach others from our  own knowledge during our plts (personal learning task) which was my favorite thing of the year.                                              
Riley: I learnt about angles and all the different degrees. I also learnt new cool art. We watched each other's amazing presentations and learnt from each other about the body. So far Ryan and I have been enjoying hanging with Xavier our awesome buddy.

Ava-This term I learnt a lot. I learnt more about the body systems and also more about refugees with Daisy and also learnt more about what happens in syria from other people in my class. I also got Sports leader and I had a prep buddy called Grace.

Vivienne- This term I learnt that  the body system is very interesting to learn about. We get to do lots of presentations and the maths, Reading, Writing , inquiry and religion is fun because I learn all my subjects  from my teacher and she make it feel like it’s very easy to be solved.
News things about math are angles and from my homework are my 15 timetables. I also learnt tongue twisters, which is saying  words that are catchy but you have to say them really fast. I learnt that in P.A with Mrs Bergin. My Religion plt was fun too because Natasha and I  were working together and get our opinions and questions together.

LACHIE - This term I enjoyed the Inquiry P.L.T (personal learning task) because I learnt a lot of information like what will happen if we don’t keep our body healthy and not eat good food and not exercise we can get very sick which will help me later on in life (manly university and high school) and it will be VERY helpful and I hopefully won’t fail in reviews and tests. We did tongue twisters in music with Mrs Bergin and on the 23rd we went to Emmaus College for a sports round robin, but sadly I couldn’t compete because of my hip and we got bottled water and Zooper doopers at the end of the day (plus we got seconds!!). Also, Interschool sports was cancelled because of the weather.

Eva- This is my first term of seniors and I have learnt a lot and enjoyed it. My favorite part of the term was that we got to do lots of cool art! And we got to do our plt (personal learning task) that was awesome! I liked the art because it was very cool and I learnt new ways of doing it. We also did tongue twisters in performing arts, now I know how to say a very tricky one. In Italian we played tombola, (bingo) it is a game where a person has to read out a number in Italian, and the first person to call out tombola is the winner.

Ryan: My favorite part  Of the first Term was making new friends and having new people to pair up. My other favorite part was maths because Ms Scott is very good at it. I learnt  that Manasoe and mandaue means be quiet in italian.

Jasmine: I learnt a lot this term about the human body and I think I answered all of the Classes rich questions. I learnt about muscles, the brain and all the ways we can look after my body. We did lot’s of interesting things in performing arts such as vocal warm-ups and funny tongue twisters. In Italian we made Easter baskets and learnt how to play Tombola (An Italian Bingo) I enjoyed doing the stations of the cross in religion were we presented different ways of the parts of the Easter stories in creative ways. In religion I also realised the lack of girls education is such a big problem. Twilight sports was the best fun and everyone got into the spirit. I also had fun on St. Patrick's day because we had the best food. My friends and I had a pleasing lunch time and recess playing and laughing. Maths was interesting because we did chance and data which is not that confusing when you think of it.

Elisa - This term I have enjoyed learning about our inquiry topic which was the body. I learnt a lot from listening to others presentations. We did lots of interesting activities in music and Italian this year. In music we are learning new tongue twisters which was very fun. With our new Performing arts teacher Mrs Bergin. In Italian we are playing an Italian bingo game called tombola.  Also in maths we are doing chance and data where we learnt paper, scissors, rock in Japanese which is “ jan ken pon “. This was very interesting to learn about.

Sienna -  I learnt a lot of things this term But the one I think I’ve learnt a lot from is probably the human body. For inquiry we did the human body and we picked a partner and we picked a topic to  do with the human body. I did the cardiovascular system with cooper from the other class. We also did tombola in Italian. Tombola is  bingo in Italian. we pick numbers between certain numbers and Signora Senzo our Italian teacher will call out numbers and if we get all ten numbers we call out “tombola”. The person who wins ‘’tombola” gets to call out the numbers for the next round. In performing arts we are doing tongue twisters. An example of a tongue twister is  “she sells sea shells by the sea shore”. Our teacher Mrs Bergin is a very fun and colourful teacher who taught us  tongue twisters. Another thing i really enjoy is our blogs. this link is my blog come have a check of  my blog please leave a question or comment on my blog. We also do student blogging challenges. One of the challenges we did was we had to make our own avatar and describe what it is about and how it shows who i am. Thanks for reading my post and please leave a question or comment. you know my blog link, so please have a look at it.

Brandon.c - I learnt all about the body systems, I also learnt a lot in maths and I learnt some tongue twisters in performing art with Mrs Bergin. We learnt a game called Tombola which is a Italian version of bingo. I enjoyed the first term of grade six because we didn’t have to go to school on the first week.

Akuac-it was good term and the inquiry  and I learnt new things  I learnt new systems like the lungs, muscles and the immune system. I learnt an irish dance. we played a Italian bingo called tombola, but i haven’t  won a game yet. we had sport night, but my team blue  team lost. there are three teams: red team, green team and blue team. We keep losing six years in a row because red team keeps winning.

Daisy: I learnt things from other people's plt's (personal learning task) . I also learnt about refugees and Syria with Ava. I learnt to play tombola (an Italian bingo) and I have improved at math and literacy. I also enjoyed twilight sports. Overall, I have enjoyed year 5!

PETER - This Term in inquiry I learnt a lot about the immune system, like that tonsils actually do something in your body - they protect us from any illness in our throat or nose. Also, learnt a new tongue twister in Performing Arts - “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”. I have had a lot of this term and learnt a lot of new things!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Teaching others about the human body systems

Over the last 2 weeks, the Senior students have been researching one of the main human body systems. They presented their learning using Google slides this week and these are some of their thoughts about the process...

Ryan – expert groups were fun because you could show what you learnt to others and work with someone new

Peter - I like the expert groups because you worked with someone else from the other class and I liked taking notes about the things I didn’t know.

Maria – expert groups are a really good way to share your learning with others and also getting to meet new people. Also our cooperating skills increased with the expert groups

Alex – I enjoyed expert groups because we got to work with new people and learn about new subjects

Lachie – I got a chance to meet new people and it’s a good opportunity to learn about something new, that I didn’t know about

Jake – I really liked the expert groups because you got to work in pairs, and we got to know each other better

Natasha – Even if you did the same topic as someone else you learnt about your partner as well as the topic

Jasmine – expert groups was good because we got to focus on a fascinating topic and by working together we each got to put forward great ideas

Bridie – we got to learn about new body systems we hadn’t heard before and the quizzes were fun and it changed the way people listened because they didn’t get bored

Daisy – I thought it was good because we did get to choose our partners (from the other class) and most of the systems I hadn’t heard of before

Ava – I enjoyed expert groups because learning about the body systems was interesting because it might help to know about it in the future

Riley O – it was good because we got different partners and we got to collaborate with them

Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to deliver an effective Presentation

We have been sharing our learning about body systems to each other  (e.g. the cardiovascular system), through presentations using Google slides and cue cards. Today, we brainstormed all the things we think you need to consider delivering presentations.

This what we think...

1. Cue cards are just a back-up. You should KNOW your info well
2. Eye contact is important. Putting your head down makes it hard to hear you. Plus, it ensures the audience are listening to you
3. Use a loud voice, so you are heard by everyone
4. Use a font that can be read
5. Check the spelling and punctuation on your PRESENTATION (as well as your cue cards)
6. Use appropriate pictures that are labelled for reuse
7. Only use bullet points or dot points on your slides
8. Dot points should be key points not chunks of info.
9. Remember a bibliography or references slide – This is the END slide
10. Practise how to pronounce tricky words
11.Sometimes it’s effective to have just an image on a slide, with your info on your cue card. This can be an effective way to engage your audience
12. Make sure the info is spread out evenly across your slides
13.Always have a question mark (?) at the end of a question
14.Make sure any videos you include are relevant and short
15.Put expression in your voice – it’s makes your presentation way more interesting
16.Include a quiz, survey or hands on activities (if there’s time)
17. Good body language, e.g. face your audience, stand still, hands still, cue cards still,
18. Try not to say “um”, ”like”, “yeah”, “stuff”
19. Only use words that you now the meaning of
20. Write it in your own words – no copy and paste
21. Pictures: only one per slide – no “picture” slide

Do you agree? Disagree? Is there something you would add to this list? Please share in the comments.

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