Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Our Final Blog Post for 2013

This year I learnt lots of stuff like decimals and fractions. Merry Christmas – Travis
I’ve learnt more about times tables and the environment – Brandon C
This year I learnt how to read a clock – Nat
In 2013 it’s been a great year and I’ve learnt a lot. One of the thing I’ve learnt is setting out a story map for a narrative before doing the real thing – Rosie
This year has been a good year. We have done some incredible things, like going to CERES and Scienceworks – Mia
This year I think I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve made new friends and I've learnt so much that I will remember what a great year it’s been – Jamie
I’ve enjoyed learning about inventions and the environment. I also thought that Middle S did lots of hard work this year – Adam
This year I made a lot of new friends. I also learnt a lot. I learnt about inventing, the environment and a lot about Christmas – Piers
I thought the year was fun. We learnt a lot of new things. We all enjoyed making our inventions and learning about new inquiries – Will
This year has been really fun. I actually learnt a lot of stuff, like how to calculate in maths better – Alex
 This year I think Middle S has been really great class. We have cooperated really well and learnt so much, like when we researched about the outcomes of physical and emotional choices that we make – Madeline This year has been one of my favourite years and that our inquiry was really fun and our narratives was my favourite project. I think I have learnt so much and that we had the BEST TEACHER EVER!-Ruby
This year has been really great, with all our fun and excursions. Our Narratives and Inquiry projects were better and cooler than other years. It was not only a fun year, we also learnt HEAPS! – James
This has been a good year. My favourite thing we did was science - Kitty
This year I had heaps of fun with Ms Scott and I learnt a lot – Angus

Monday, 9 December 2013

Inventions and Innovations at Scienceworks

On Friday, we went to Scienceworks. I learnt a lot about how different machines work and what other people think the future inventions will be – Maddy
I learnt that one way to be invisible is by going behind a mirror without a reflection, at the Carnival of Science – Jack
At Scienceworks, I learnt that cars can be eco-friendly and also not eco-friendly. When I designed a car I made it with bamboo and other natural materials – Piers
We went to a new exhibition called, “Think Ahead” and we could see what machines looked like in the past, in the future and now – Kitty
I figured out how the bed of nails works in the Carnival of Science. It’s because of your body pushing the nails down – Dylan
For the crazy bikes in the carnival of science, if you are going to turn left you have to turn right – Diesel
In the Carnival of science I found out the bed of nails doesn’t hurt because there’s lots of nails going into your back not just one – Nat
I learnt in the Carnival of science that the spinning tent looks like you are going around but it’s not. It’s the tent going around. In Think Ahead I learnt how we can keep the city healthy, by not making buildings that pollute the city – Will
I now know what Pod cars look like. I also liked how there was a robot that got up and danced – Adam
At Think Ahead I learnt about some more stuff that could help the environment, like this thing that is a pole with a container in it that goes around the whole place and comes back. Outside the exhibition it could send real medicine within hospitals – Alex
I learnt that everyone might have a pod car in the future and if you have a crash you are safe – Brandon C.
In Think Ahead, there was these plates with food on them. On the plates there were crickets and cockroaches and salad on them. It told you what food to have in the future and what not to eat – Jamie
In Think Ahead I saw this thing and it showed what past, present and future of buses looked like. I thought it was cool to see future buses – Grace
I learnt what future cars would be like. My invention is a car and I have added to it because of my experience at Science works – Angus
At the Carnival of Science I learnt how the bed of nails works. Since the nails are spread over a wide area it doesn’t hurt – Travis
In the future there’s going to be electric motor bikes – Mia

In the Carnival of Science, there was a spinning tent. When you went in the tent you would feel really dizzy because the tent was spinning around fast whilst you were standing there. I think this was because it was tight and dark in there – Rosie

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Measuring Area

We measured the area of the vegie patch and we discovered it was 6m2
We measured the area of the seat - Alex, Riley, James and Grace
We were measuring the chessboard while working as a team. The area is 49m2 - Will, Natalie, Adam and Kitty
We measured the area outside the drink taps. 
We measured the area of the oval, by running fast with the trundle wheel. It is 900m2.
Some questions for you...
- How do you measure the area of a circle? - Will
- What sort of things in every day life do you have to use measurement of area for? - Maddy
- What do you think we should measure? - Kitty & Piers
- Where do we use area? - Dylan, Angus, Nat
- When in your job do you use area to measure things? - James
- What else could you measure? - Jasmine

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Maddy's cupcake and lemonade stand.

This afternoon, Maddy and her family hosted a cupcake and lemonade stand to raise money for people in the Phillipines who have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan. The lemonade was refreshing and the cupcakes were splendiferous! I'm not sure how much they raised. Maddy might soon enlighten us via her blog...

Friday, 15 November 2013

Our Design Projects

     All the Middles are making inventions for a problem or a need that we wanted to fix – Kitty
       All the Middles have thought about a particular problem they would like to help and they are going to make an invention that will help other people – Maddy
This term all the Middles have seen a need in the world and thought of an invention to help it – Jasmine
       We’ve been watching “Wallace and Gromit’s World of Inventions” and it has been inspiring us to make inventions. Some people have tried to make miniature versions of the inventions – Piers
       We have thought of something that could help a need and so we have invented that would fix it. If it’s really hard to make we will make a model of it – Adam
       We got a booklet this week and on the first page we had to write how our invention would help other people. Under that we had to let our minds go wild with ideas! – Jack
       On Thursday, I got an Inquiry booklet and I started to fill it in. On the first page, it said pick a need and invent something that could help with the need. I’m thinking of inventing a robot bin that will help stop people throwing rubbish everywhere, by sensing rubbish all over the world and picking rubbish up really fast – Alex

This week in Maths: division

This week, our class have been learning about division and we are solving sums using MAB (blocks) and counters – Ruby
       Before this week started I found division quite tricky. Then when I started to use the MAB blocks and counters I found division easy – Grace
This week we have been learning about division and we were modelling it and we were using counting charts, which were good because it made more sense, because you could see the numbers – Mia
       When we were doing division this week I found MAB blocks a bit confusing. When I used grouping with the MAB’s one by one, I found it a bit easier – Jack
       With easy division sums I did doubling to solve the sums. With 15÷2, I counted by 2’s and got to 14 and there was 1 remainder – Jamie
       I find that MAB helps me a lot because I can see a picture of them. I find counters and counting charts confusing – Rosie
       I’m glad that we have learnt more about division because when I saw a division problem on a test I thought, “Oh, no! It’s the dreaded division”. Now that I have learnt more about it I don’t think division is that hard - Maddy

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Onomatopoeia in Poetry

On Wednesday, Middle S explored the literary concept of Onomatopoeia.
The dictionary defines Onomatopoeia as:
the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g., cuckoo, sizzle).
We watched a video with some very catchy music that not only helped us to remember how to pronounce this long word with many syllables, but also gave us lots of ideas to generate our own onomatopoetic words.

We brainstormed many words as a class

Then, we created our own poems demonstrating Onomatopoeia. What images and sounds do these words evoke as you read them?

Lights flash in the distance
Sweat trickles down my face
I can feel the ice-cold water dripping on me from above
I hear a shrilled call in the distance
The fire crackles and sparks
The water from the hose gushes
I can hear loud sirens zipping
I try to stand, but wearily fall
-       By Madeline

A ball goes flying in the air, Zoom!
Straight into the back of the net, Bang, Crash!
A loud roar comes from the crowd
“GOAL!” yells the referee.
-       By Will

Fishes go blub, blub
At night the fish goes to sleep
In the water weeds
And you can hear them rustling
By Brandon C

Pitter, patter goes their feet
Ding dong, ding dong, there’s the bell
Whisper, that is all the children say
-       By Jasmine

Whoosh, whish, cars drive past
Rain plops as I run away
Rustle, rustle, I am scared
What’s that sound?
-       By Ruby

Lights flash in the distance
Chugga chugga goes the train
Leaves rustle on the street
Plop goes the rain drops
Ducks go ‘quack’, as I zip up my jacket
Honk! Go the cars as they go past and splash me
-       By Mia

Friday, 25 October 2013

Genius Hour

Two weeks ago, Middle S started a new project: Genius Hour. Based on the concept of "20% time" (a google innovation), students are provided with an hour a week to learn about the things they are most passionate about. The idea is that this time improves students engagement and productivity.
Some students are designing and creating experiments or games, some are researching topics they are interested in. No matter what they are learning about and becoming genius' in, they are all expected to reflect on, record and share their learning - with the class and also with YOU.

On that topic, what do you like learning about the most??

Will getting feedback about his video game.
Making a volcano.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Our wonderings about science and inventions

This term, the Middles are venturing into the world of Science and design of Inventions and Innovations. Middle S discussed what they think Science is and how it helps the world and then they brainstormed questions they had, which are on the "Linoit" below.
To see all the 'post-its' click and the drag the linoit screen.

Can you answer any of Middle S' questions?
Are there any questions you would like Middle S to investigate?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a Sacrament of Healing. On Saturday morning, five students from Middle S celebrated this sacrament with the support of their families.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Middle S and our Garden Store

Alex – yesterday, there was a mini fair and we did a garden store. At the garden stall there was drink bottles, plants, vegetables and brain food containers. I think the brain food containers were quite popular and the drink bottles sold out first.

Piers – when we were working at our garden shop we did it in shifts. When it wasn’t our shift, we got to buy stuff at the other ‘shops’.

Adam – each class sold different items like toys, books, food, and games. With the chocolate throw the further away you threw your coin the bigger the chocolate you could win. It was also very fun

Will – All of Middle S were surprised at how much money we raised.

Jasmine – we all helped to sell the plants at our stall and we raised a lot of money.

Jamie – I think we worked as a team and I thought we did a really good job of selling our plants and decorations

Kitty – The most popular stalls was the chocolate throw and the lolly stall

Maddy & Riley – they were raising money for a girls’ home in Laguna in the Philippines. They want to build a playground.

Jack – I think the chocolate throw raised the most money because it’s a game that people seemed to really want to play and it was a good ‘deal’.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Middle S on twitter

This week Middle S has been sharing our learning around chance and probability,via our twitter account. If you would like to visit us there, you can click on the twitter wall on the right hand side of this page, or visit us at

Do you have any stories or examples of chance and probability that you could share?

Friday, 30 August 2013

Footy day!!

Sue deGennaro, the Illustrator

We got to do 3 drawings of characters from "Button Boy" - Adam
Sue told us about how long it takes her to draw a really good picture - Kitty
She told us that if you have done a drawing it's good to go back a few days later to improve on it - Jack
Until Sue came I thought I wasn't a good drawer but now I am a good drawer - Piers
It was really surprising how good she was at drawing and when I started drawing my pictures I thought I was getting better instantly, but now I've created a new way of drawing my characters - Ruby
I really enjoyed drawing the pictures because it had lots of detail and it was really interesting the way she did it - Jasmine
Sue deGennaro told us it takes 10 months to draw a book, so the whole time we're in school she is working on a book - Riley
Sue showed us how to draw people tilting or running to make them more interesting. When I started drawing I knew that my pictures were getting better - Jamie
Sue talked to us about when we visualise in our head what we're going to draw. When we draw it, it doesn't always become the reality of what we thought it would be. I think her pictures are good enough for what she thought in her head - Maddy
When I first saw Sue she looked like a really good illustrator and when she showed us the copies she was better than I thought she was. When she showed us how to draw the pictures I thought they'd turn out bad, but they turned out well - Alex

Friday, 23 August 2013

Australian Historical Figures Showcase

Today, Middle S had the pleasure of visiting the Seniors classes in the Discovery Centre. Only, when we got there we were greeted by, not the grade 5/6's, but many different people from Australian history. We learnt many new things by asking these people questions about themselves (questions' boxes was a great idea!). Here are some photos of people in Middle S who "know" these famous Australian people very well. 
Who would you most like to meet from Australian history?
(Find out more at...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Book Week Parade

A few photos from Middle S in today's Book Week parade.
What do you think the theme of this year's parade was?

Monday, 19 August 2013

Grade 4's First Eucharist

When we walked into the church everyone looked at us. Then Father genuflected and we bowed and turned around - Mia
I wasn't making my first Eucharist, but I was in the choir but I think they all looked good and I hoped they enjoyed it all and the after party - Angus
Everyone was wearing special clothes because it was Eucharist - Travis
I thought that the parents and teachers had set everything up in a perfect way and I LOVED the cake- Adam
I thought everyone did a great job doing their readings and singing. I'm happy that I got friends come to my communion, although none of my family came to my communion because they were too far away. I thought that the parents did a great job making a breakfast (it had party food!:) ) - Will
Yesterday, it was a very special day for the Grade 4's. It was great to see everyone celebrating with their family. It was also great for all the people in the choir and the parish come to celebrate with us. It is definitely a day that we will all remember - Madeline
I wasn't making my first Eucharist,but I got to sing a lead with my sister and my sisters friend and Some of my friends sung with me - Natalie
I wasn't making my first Communion either, but I was also in the choir and I got to sing a lead and I thought that the grade 4's did really well getting the bread for the first time. I also thought that the fancy clothes were really cool. The girls dresses were really pretty and the boys clothes were awesome - Alex
Yesterday, I was not taking my first Eucharist or at choir, but I just want to wish the Grade Fours a Happy First Eucharist- Piers

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Guest Speaker paid us a visit

On Thursday, last week, Laura Anderson, a neuropsychologist came and spoke to all the grade 3/4's about emotional health. Laura brought a 3D model of the brain with her and many of our questions were about the physiology of the human brain.

Laura clearly explained to us why she wanted to become a psychologist and the many different ways she helps people through her work.
Even after she left we still had many questions for Laura, which she said we could email to her :)

Questions for Laura:
What is the common age to get problems with your brain?
Why do you like being a psychologist and why do you think the brain is cool?
What are some of the main problems that can happen with the brain?
Is crying good for your emotional health?
Do different psychologists work with you?
How do psychologists’ access brain links?
How do you keep your brain healthy?
How does the brain grow?
What is emotional health and does it involve your thoughts?
Do you live longer if you stay fit?
Do you live longer if you work on your emotional health?
What type of things do you do as a psychologist?
Do you stay healthier if you do sport?
Do you live longer if you’re sad or think negative thoughts?
What’s more important – physical or emotional health?

What sort of questions would you like to ask about psychology and the human brain?

Photo courtesy of

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