Friday, 15 December 2017

Our Final Blog Post for 2017

Today is our last day of school for 2017 and we spent some time reflecting on what the year meant to us...

I’ve liked this year. We’ve done a lot of fun class like going on excursions. We’ve learnt about how we can reuse things like making toys out of plastic. I’ve also learnt how to be a leader because I was SRC. Hopefully I’m in the same class in grade 6 – Chantelle

I’ve really loved this year cos we’ve had a good teacher and we’ve learnt more about the environment and we got out to do stuff for an Inquiry action. I know that I’ll be with all my friends next year and I hope and I hope Ms Scott’s class is just as good – Pat
I’ve enjoyed being a grade 4 this year and my teacher has been doing lots of interesting stuff and the main Inquiry question was “How do we care for our common Home was really interesting. We’ve learnt a lot and if one of us struggled to understand something Ms Scott tried to explain it and helped us a lot. Also Ms Scott is really creative and uses lots of recycled plastic and paper and cardboard – Sophie
This year has been really good. I had a really great teacher and I overcame bullying. I’ve found out how much rubbish there is in Australia through our Inquiry – Inti

This year has been amazing. Everyone has learnt so much and grown so much. Our teacher has pushed us with work that challenges us. Everyone has a great year with our teacher – Caitlin

I’ve really enjoyed 2017, with a really supportive class and teacher. I’m glad I’ve developed a lot over the year thanks to my class and teacher – Miles

This year has been a really great year, because we’ve gone to excursion and learnt a lot and also we had a wonderful teacher – Tilly

This year has been the best year ever because in 2ndterm we did biology for our Inquiry and I love animals and nature. I’ve learnt a lot this year in maths like decimals and multiplication and division. I’ve had a wonderful class this year. On Friday afternoon 2 weeks ago it started to rain really hard and a lot of the people at school left early. The last people in our class were me, eve, Tilly, Chantelle and Ryan. We had to take off our shoes and socks to walk to the office – Scarlett

This year has been really amazing because we’ve been on lots of amazing excursion. I’ve learnt a lot in maths especially and Inquiry was really fun. I’ve have some amazing friends who have supported me this year – Emma

I’ve really loved this year because I’ve got a great teacher and friendly classmates and I’ve learnt a lot – Frances 
This year has been an amazing year because I’ve got a great teacher and especially in maths I’ve learnt a lot. I have the best friends in my class – Maddie W.
This year has been great because I’ve made new friends with the grade 3’s. I’ve also extended my learning – Rosie

This year has been great in term 3 we learnt about history and I loved going to the excursion to ACMI and the Immigration Museum. We learnt a lot and I have great friends and a great teacher in my class – Georgie
This year was lots of fun, because all the excursions have been educational and fun. This year has also been fun because I’ve had a great teacher – Joel 

This year has been great, because I’ve made lots of friends and I’ve learnt a lot, especially my spelling. I’ve had the best teacher this year and I’m looking forward to having her next year – Celia

I’ve learnt a lot and my classmates have helped me. I have been making more friends – Maddie K

I think this year was really good because I learnt a lot of new things in gr. 3. My teacher helped me catch up with my writing. I’m really excited to be in her class again next year – Josh 
I’ve been very grateful for this year for my teacher and my classmates who have helped me. Also I’m very grateful for making new friends and I can’t wait to be in Seniors in 2018 with all my friends – Dec 

I’m happy this year that I got a really good teacher. I’m happy that we got to do Genius Hour this year and have our own chromebooks – Oscar 

I’ve had a wonderful year this year and good friends and a wonderful teacher. I hope I have a good year next year – Nick

I had a fantastic teacher this year who’s really good with Mathematics. And really great friends – Dan

In first and last term we got to do the Beep test in P.E. We did the 20m run - Ryan

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Dec and Joel’s P.E. lesson

Reflection on Dec and Joel’s P.E. lesson
Dec – Alexander for catching and fielding with everything that he had. Good technique
Joel - Max and Bianca, because they were fair players and they didn’t argue and they didn’t walk out of the game
Feedback for D n J:
Bianca – very good that you did this
Olivia – Dec cheered people on and helped them
Max – you set up group and helped us
Oscar – good sports
Rosie – it was good how you encouraged people and told them what to do
James – you were encouraging and good sports
Yar – it was really fun!
Erin – it was good if someone needed help you explained it
Next Time:
Rosie – just do one sport
Bianca – do class versus class
Celia - less people walking off
Sophie S. – good to learn a less familiar sport
Chantelle – need to be aware of numbers e.g. basketball
Caitlin – focus just on one sport, because if you have 2 sports going it could get confusing. Otherwise you taught the skills well.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sustainable Art - Bird Feeders

Over the last 2 weeks, we made bird feeders in Art, using old plastic containers and bottles and bark we found around our gardens. Some of us made a bird feeder (or bird hotel) with a partner and some of us chose to make one on our own.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Our Reflections and Photos on Week 7

Simon: On Thursday both middles classes made bird houses for little birds E.g sparrows, Any baby bird and the native honey eater to get away from predatory birds E.g Crows, the Indian minor bird and more. Everybody had to bring in bottles. Everybody had to paint there birdhouses in camouflage colours so the predatory birds do not get the smaller birds and eat them.

Frances and I did a birdhouse together E.g painted together and made colours together. Soon we are going to add the roof leaves, bark, gum nuts and flowers. 

Patrick - This week I have started PLT. My PLT will be making a poster and putting them around McDonald'sand interviewing someone about the recycling. I have started the poster but can not find what can be recycled s hopefully if they say yes I will ask them about recycling and add it to the poster. We have till December the 5th to present it to the class. I chose this topic because of our PLT and there are so much rubbish.I hope I will be able to change McDonald's rubbish business and make people recycle more.

On Thursday we did art
It was so much fun and I got to work with Tegan to make a birdfeeder out of a plastic bottle. We are painting the bottle so far. Next week we will  decorate it. - Maddie W.

This week in art we been learning to make bird houses. This is what I got to. We first had to choose the bottle then we had to paint it. The colors I chose was red,green and black. It was really fun - Inti

On Thursday

we did art and it was about making a bird feeder all we got to do so far was paint it and my partner was Nicholas.

On Wednesday we did sport and social/ emotional learning and that's my favourite day.
Tonight we're having a school disco - first the preps grade one’s and the grade twos then the grade thees and fours and fives and six’s and it's going to be awesome - Oscar

This week we did  art. And it was on  bird  feeders you had to get a plastic bottle and paint it .
And friday night is school  disco and it is going to be awesome .  
We also did  inquiry and Emma  and  I are doing  it together and it is about  cutting down trees - Tilly

This week in middle S we made these really cute bird feeders in art out of old plastic bottles and ice-cream containers and that shows how much you can make out of recycled stuff!
Although there weren't enough bottles for all of us Scarlett helped me because she has already made one and we also painted them. At home i am also making a safe house for birds that need somewhere to stay away from predators.

When you make one and you're going to put it in a tree use the same bark from that tree but don't just rip it from the tree and never put others feathers in there as well as painting it colors that don’t match the tree (you need it too camouflage) - Eve

Yesterday (Thursday)  Middle S and Middle M did a art project and it was to make a bird feeder out of recycled bottles and ice cream tubs. We had to paint over it in camo colours so then the crows and other pests can’t find it. I did mine with my friend Simon, Simon and I did a ice cream tub. Everyone had to bring in a plastic bottle or something plastic and useful.
I really enjoy this project because we can recycle things and reuse things into feeders for birds. Over all that art lesson was VERY fun! - Frances ROSIE! JOEL! DECLAN ! PATRICK!

 Caitlin's Blog Sophie

 Bird Feeders - by Georgie
Yesterday we did art.We used recycled bottles to make bird nests,Home and feeders .Emma and I were partners we had a ice-cream container which was easier to paint.We used 4 colours Orange,Green,white and black we mixed all our colours together and it made a grey colour so we painted the inside of it that colour.At the last bit when we were mixing the colours at it splatted on my head Emma had to help me get it off. But eventually we finished the pro.It was the best Art project


On Thursday in Middle.S we did bird feeders for art. Were doing it next week as well as this as this week. For maths we did a graph in groups of four. I was with Chantelle, Scarlett and Emma and our question was ‘what's the most popular plant in the school garden’.

We got lots of information. The most plant is the strawberry

Had lots of fun this week in Middle.S - Josh


CELIA - This week we have had lot’s of fun, we have:

  • Started a PLT on how are we called to care for our common home

  • We are doing an art project with plastic bottles and ice cream containers and making a place where a little bird can stay to keep away from their predators
  • Friday night is the school disco and I am going with Madeleine K

For the PLT I am doing rethink, repair, reduce, reuse, refuse, recycle, recover and re-gift with Madeleine K and we need to do an action to do with our subject.

For art we are making bird feeders and I feel that we will save a lot of little birds and their eggs from predators like crows and foxes.
This Friday we have the school disco and we have some new people organising it this time and Mrs Purcell said it will be really fun.And that was this week!!! 

DAN - This week in middles we have been doing art
and my partner was Alexander and the focus of art yesterday was to make a house for nature, because some birds are dying because of other animals.

In term four we have been doing art. For our art we have been making bird feeders. We painted our art bird feeders and it got all over my hands.

On friday we have our school disco. I am going to Celia’s house and getting ready for the disco, then I am going to the disco with Celia - Madeleine K.


Alexander - In art this week we were making bird houses with partners. My partner was Daniel. So far we did the painting. Our paint colors were dark green and light green. We mixed white and dark green to make light green.
And for maths we did money posters. My partner was Nicholas. This is an example of change - if a toy car is 65 cents and I have one dollar. The change I get back is 35 cents.

Chantelle - This week has been a good week but my favourite part is at the end of thursday because we made bird feeders for small birds so they can hide away from crows.
My partner was Sophie and we painted our bottle in pink,orange and white but the bottle still looks like blue because I got a blue bottle.
Earlier in the day we did maths that was about graphs. My group was Scarlett,Josh.D,Emma and me Chantelle.
We were doing graphs about the garden and we were doing Favorite veggies in the garden in middle s.
We got Everyone in our class that’s 26 students.
I have had a good week. 

 Victoria - You should reduce like us because in art we are making birds nests, so the crows do not get their eggs and it is really good so there is more birds in the world.
User image preview
We also learnt about money that is from different countries around the world. Sophie and me did Italian money and I learnt a lot of Italian money.
Ryan - On Monday we did currency from different country for maths. I learnt about Germany Euro’s because me and Celia researched about Euro money.
On Friday we have disco night on the 24th November which is going to be really fun.
Nick - This week we were learning about money. Me and Joel did a poster of Argentina money. The notes are called Peso and the dollars are called centavos. 14 Peso are $1.06 Australian dollars.

Scarlett - In week six term four a lady called Laura came to our school from bunnings. After lunch the people from garden club went to the garden and we had a BIG talk with Laura and then ten people got selected to weed, ten to plant and then people just mixed up. Vivienne decided to name the olive tree “Annie” because in the play we recently did “Annie” played the olive tree, in the play the three trees. right now the olive tree is in Senior K, happily living with lots of: Sun, Warmth, Water. It was really fun and now in the school garden we have more plants, and some of them are:
  • Another rosemary plant 
  • Spring onion 
  • More strawberries 
  • Watermelon 
  • another Thyme bush

Bird Feeders by Emma
This week we have done a lot of things like we made recycled bottles for making bird feeders, I was partners with Georgie and we made the bird feeders with a ice-cream container. It was really fun working with Georgie and making the bird feeders, although none of the middles got to finish. It was also really fun getting paint all over us by accident and whipping of the paint on Georgie’s face and arm.

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

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