Friday, 23 February 2018

Reflecting on our week at school

Today, the grade 3's paired up with the grade 4's and used the grade 4's chromebooks to co-write reflections on their learning this week. It was another opportunity for the grade 3's to learn more about digital literacy from the grade 4's.

Reflection on our week
Joseph:This week I've learnt to do homework in Middles and the homework is harder. Our inquiry unit Who am I and how can I care for myself and others? The literacy tasks are more harder than juniors
Max: I've learnt that there are more tasks than last year.
Tara + Layla
Layla: This week I've learnt to work chromebooks and learn a lot about them.I have also learnt the unit and how to do homework and I have been working really hard on it.I have also enjoyed Working with new people and learning more things about them.
Tara: I have enjoyed working with other people and learning new things about them and sharing information to the year 3s about the chromebooks.I have also learnt a lot about place value.I have really enjoyed the start of this years class.
This week I've learnt how to use the chromebooks and  how to use the homework table. I  have enjoyed art and the quotes and sport. I also enjoyed having a new class and because I am a year 3 I can go on the big playground. I have enjoyed making new  friends and  discus, 800 meter, hurdles, 70 meter and 200 meter I am looking forward to Twilight Sports.
Erin + Luke
Luke: This week I learnt how to do times tables quickly, do homework , use the chromebooks , health and wellbeing and how to do discus.
Erin: This week I learnt about health and wellbeing, I have enjoyed working with new people and doing new things.
This week  Eleanor learnt how to do middles homework and to do my times tables quickly. TIlly learnt how to revise and how to be extra safe online.
Tegan and Liana
Liana:I learned how to use quick keys and how to get capitals, times tables and how to use a chromebook properly. I also  learned what ”esc” means,and also about cyber safety. And also we learnt about how to not talk to strangers online and to not waste paper.
Tegan: I learnt more about number lines and made some new friends. And I’m also looking forward to Twilight sports.
Sam + Harry
This week Harry and I have learnt about number lines in maths, and lots of cyber safety rules. Harry and I have learnt about how the homework system works. We enjoy the literacy tasks, because they are very interesting and fun. We also learnt how to do times tables faster.
Josh and luca
This week in middle.s Luca learnt to send emails to Ms Scott, I learnt how to use number lines and how to write a fictional story from a real story. Josh learnt sharing a chromebook is hard, I used millions in number lines.
Celia, Alessia and Myla
This week we have learnt about suffixes and homophones, we got our diaries and we have done positive quote posters for art. We have learnt about cyber safety and how to use a chromebook. The Year 3’s have learnt a whole new meditation and homework. We played a number line maths game on the whiteboard and that was really fun. For literacy we watched a video about revising. It was interesting learning new and fun stuff. This week was the best!
Celia: I’m also looking forward to the Fair this year.
Alexander and Max S.
This week we started spelling and reading. We read the story, “Mystery” for literacy group, it was a great! All the grade 4s started to use their chromebooks. All the grade 4s were showing the grade 3s how to use their chromebooks. Our inquiry question is how can I care for myself and others. We all played hot potato and we asked our questions.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

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