Thursday, 31 May 2012

The class poll on our blog

Recently, Middle S made a Poll on this blog about Well Being. Many people responded, especially our mums and dads (thank you!!)
Below are the observations and conclusions that we have made about this poll so far.
(Thank you to Georgia P for typing up her classmates notes)

I think that the class poll is a good idea because more people look at our blog and we can learn more about how people look after their well-being. We can also learn about what things people do to keep healthy happy and what sports they play to keep well. It is cool how all different people come on the class blog and comment on our work and all different people can come and comment and see how much we use our blog and enjoy having it. I like having a class blog. I like lots of people coming and commenting on it. I enjoyed looking at the comments and what  people chose for the poll because people can teach you something as well as the teacher plus people might like telling you things that  they do or that they used to do :) – Georgia
I find that having 16 comments on our poll is amazing but even more amazing more people voted. I really think that making the poll was a great idea we should do it all the time because it was a huge success. Most people voted for sport and exercise because it is fun to do and everyone likes it – Amber
For our Inquiry we made a poll on our blog and we got loads of results. The most percentage we got for an answer was sport and exercise and it was interesting to see the world answering our poll – Matt
Our poll shows that 47% of people that voted liked sport, but healthy food is second – Luke
I think it was good because instead of just our class voting the whole world can. It is good to see that people think healthy and happy – Gemma
I think read a book should not be on the poll because it does not go with our poll - Riley
I think sport and exercise is good because if your fat you should play sport and do exercise – Connor
Those people are saying sport and exercise can keep you fit and healthy – Maddy
More people keep happy and healthy by playing sport and exercising. The least is to read a book – Daniel
I think maybe we can go on the class poll every day so we can comment every day. We could add more stuff on it so more people comment and we can get more viewers around the world. In week 3 we made a poll. I voted for eat healthy food because you become fat from unhealthy food, but exercise/sport is winning on our poll so far. – Will
I think our poll is great because it looks good how it shows you how much people voted for something. Something that stands out to me is the colours, because you can see the colours they are dark so you can see the poll and how it’s not that small – Stephanie
Middles made a class poll about well being. People could choose out of sport, healthy food, read a book, meditate and think positively. I found out that most people chose play sport and the least amount was read a book. – Patrick
Our poll is awesome because lots of people voted on it, however not many people voted for read and relax – Ava
Most people chose sport and less people chose read a book – James
I think that “think positively” is the best answer because if you thought you can’t read you won’t read. If you’re scared of a ball you will never play sport. If you looked at a veggie and said ‘I don’t like that’, you eat it – Nicholas
People chose what they do for their well being. Most people chose sport and exercise – Ben
In our class poll people mostly voted for sport and exercise because it is the most popular thing to do be happy and healthy – Natasha
That play sport/exercise will get the most votes because now lots of people think it is the best – Joe
Everyone should go on our class poll because that way you can find out what we are learning about and you will get to vote on how you be healthy and happy – Chloe
The poll is a great thing to have on our blog so we know what people do for how they keep fit and see all the different ways how you can keep fit - Tessa

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Middles Well being Carousel

On Thursday all the Middles were involved in a Well Being Carousel as part of our Inquiry. We did lots of different types of activities like Tabloid sports, aerobics, relaxation, movement and balance and a thinking activity.

I thought Mrs Bellesini's activity was very fun and clever because you had to write down the first thing that came to your mind when she said stuff - Nick

I really liked the aerobics because it made me think of how to balance and it also made me think because Louisa said that you don't have to play sport to be fit - Gemma

I enjoyed doing all the activities in the wellbeing carousel. I thought it was a good idea.  I thought it was really fun. I enjoyed the things I hadn't really done a lot of - Matt

I like the tabloid sports and the activity where we did soccer - Connor

I liked all the activities but I really liked the superman activity in the aerobics, because you lay on your chest and lifted up your arms and legs as if you were flying - Amber

I really enjoyed the movement and balance it weas really difficult how you had to throw a ball and balloons to each other, while balancing on one leg - Dan

I really liked the aerobics and the tabloid sports,because one, in the aerobics we had to do squats and then jumps which was tiring after a while. In the tabloid sports was more fun than it looked - Riley

Thank you to Louisa for teaching us about aerobics and I learnt a lot more stuff - Pat

Thank you to all the parents, Louisa, Maureen and David, as well as Mrs Bellesini for coming along to help us.

From Middle S

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Can you please vote on our poll, as we would like to know how you look after your wellbeing?
Fri May 11th - Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll and commented about it. We have received a record number of comments for this blog and we really appreciate the time people have taken to share their thoughts with us. If you would like to see the results of the Vote so far, click the See Result tag just next to the "Vote" button, regards Ms Scott

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Division and Multiplication Posters

Today for maths we wrote word problem posters themed around airports. We made 3 stories for Multiplication and 3 for Division. Here we are collaborating with each other to create our posters and stories.

Can you solve our number stories?
- There are 8 planes and each plane has 82 seats. How many seats are there altogether?
 - 800 people lined up in 10 lines at the airport. How many people were in each line?
 - There are 20 passengers and 2 planes. How many people go in each plane?
 - There are 11 planes and 23 people on each plane. How many people were on all 11 planes?
 - There were 5 bags and 4 people in the airport shop. How many bags could each person buy?

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

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