Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Oobleck: Messy science or hard core chemistry?

Today, the Seniors explored the science behind combining a solid with a liquid.
We used these ingredients and formula...Oobleck
And proceeded to make, what is know in the biz, as a non-Newtonian fluid.

Here are our reflections and photos:

I learnt that when you clench your hands with the Oobleck it’s hard, then when you open your hands it melts – Jackson
Oobleck is a strange substance. It can be a liquid, a solid or it can be gooey. It really depends on how much cornstarch and water you have. It needs a balance - Tia
Oobleck can be pretty liquidy, like if you add too much water but then it can be a solid, which is when you add too much corn flour. It is complex to work with. It was messy to mix and create, but very fun to squish or play with. It really depends on how you do it, but I think it was fun and really taught us how it is going by the concept of science (if you mix something it might change, react and make something completely different to what you started with). Overall it was really cool and fun – Madi
Oobleck was good because it was like a liquid, but when you touched it was a solid – Tully
Oobleck is really weird because when you put pressure on it, it turns hard and when its not being squeezed it’s a liquid
Oobleck is very strange because, when you squeeze is, it’s a solid but when you let go it turns Into liquid – Ava
It’s very messy and when you pick it up and play around with it’s a solid and when you leave it in your hand it’s a liquid – Natasha and Jessica and Natalie
It’s great fun to get your hands deep in. If you don’t use much water it looks like a liquid but it’s actual a solid – Natalia B and Isabella
I was really messy and if you put pressure on it, it turned into a solid – Tom and Oliver
It was really fun, but kinda weird to touch because when the two ingredients went together they felt weird – Will
I thought that the oobleck was different than normal things when you put them together. It made them feel uncomfortable – Jenny
I thought it was weird because it looked watery, but it was actually a solid – Ava M
It was confusing because it looks like a liquid and it drips like a liquid, but it’s hard – Piers
It was strange how it looks like a liquid, but it’s actually a solid and when you put pressure on it, it goes all liquidy and after a while it goes floury – Cooper M
As I first touched it, it  felt gooey and as time went on it started to get hard and putting more water on it made it squishy – Zac
The oobleck was very messy. It looked wet, but it was actually really hard – Pat and Cooper T.
The oobleck was messy. When you picked it up it was hard, but then it dripped down your hands – Lochie

Friday, 20 February 2015

Looking at the science of solids, liquids and gases

Today, we we fortunate to have an incursion with Science teacher, John P. He helped us discover some of the properties and changing states that occur with solids, liquids and gases.
We also had the opportunity to examine various forms of sugar and discuss how their shape can change.

These are some of our reflections...(with more to follow)
Piers - On our incursion we learnt a lot about gases and sugar. I thought it was very interesting
Tully – our incursion was about solids and liquids and we learnt a lot about atoms and movement
Lochie - Our incursion, we learnt about solids, gases and the thickness of different types of sugar. Now I know that when water sits there for ages it turns into a gas.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Astronomy Vocab through Nursery Rhymes

This video introduced us to many physics and astronomy terms we had never heard of and prompted lots of interesting discussion, most of which involved the dictionary...

Monday, 9 February 2015

Homework: week 3


PLEASE complete all tasks below!

  • Remember to Read every night, record it in your diary and ask for your parent’s signature 
  • Practise your tables up to 15x 
  • Explore Studyladder and complete different tasks 
  • Use LSCWC to learn your spelling for the week 
  • Use each spelling word in a sentence to show its meaning 
  • Complete one random act of kindness

Friday, 6 February 2015

Our CyberSafety Tool box


Team: The padlock means that the internet and different social websites are not always locked somebody can always hack in and steal all your personal details

LESSON: don't sign up for websites that need all your personal details

Permanent Marker
Team : Once you have written something it can not go off the internet it will stay on the internet. The permanent marker represents what you say on your social stuff.(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube and Kik)
LESSON: Be wise on what you say on the internet.
Toothpaste is really easy to get out of a tube.  Squeeze it and it comes flowing out.  Have you ever tried to put it back in?  Not easy is it?
The toothpaste represents information you put on the internet, it is easy to put it there but very hard to get it back.
LESSON : Be careful what information you post online
Team :
Wash it away, get rid of what you don’t want on the internet.

Team :
To write something in permanent marker so you can’t remove it.
Also keeping a diary and not sharing your secrets and personal information.
LESSON: Not writing what you shouldn't because you will regret it.
Smiley Balloons
Team : Maybe we can stop cyber bullying and be friends in chat rooms and right only appropriate things. don’t tease  people online. Be happy to each other online.
Only be nice and stand up.
LESSON: Be nice and don’t cyber bully.  :D
Sheet of Paper - scrunched
Team : the flat paper is your details but when it is scrunched it is not as easy to flaten the paper
Photo of
Team : Only put online what you would be okay with your grandma seeing.

LESSON: You must only post appropriate things.

White-out (Liquid Paper)
Team :To get rid of all your personal details. But it isn’t that easy!

LESSON- Don’t put personal details on social media and websites
Magnifying Glass
Team : See your close information and looking for your personal details.
Team :
Only put what you want on the internet, the things that you don’t mind if the world knows.
L Plate
Team : Learning the basics of the internet and cyber safety

Team :
The whistle is for if someone hacks into something you can tell someone and they can help stop,And gets people's attention.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Our initial reflections about learning Science this term:
  • It looks like it will be fun, because it is an advanced subject - Tom
  • I thinks it’s going to be challenging and fun and I would like to do more chemistry – Natalia
  • In science I really want to learn gravity and I think it will be fun – Piers
  • I thinks it going to be fun and since we have done it in other classes we haven’t learnt about all of it – Madison
  • I want to learn about chemistry and I want to blow things up – Patrick
  • I would like to learn more about biology and the tree kangaroo – Jenny
  • I would like to learn about energy – Tully
  • I would like to learn about all four branches of science – Jackson
  • I would like to learn about chemistry because it is a cool branch of science – Cooper. T
  • I want to learn about chemistry. I like learning about how things react – Natalie

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...