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Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today
This morning in Middle S we did our PLT project about the European Settlement, Convicts and aboriginals.  We explained what their life was like and how they travelled or made it to Australia. Also everybody's PLT was really cool and interesting they had good information and used their voices well. I’m also sort of proud of myself because honestly I think this was the best PLT I have done because the other times I was shy but this time I had confidence and I also had a lot of people come to my project. I’m happy I chose Bungaree he had lots of rich information so I think that made my PLT a lot better. I enjoyed my PLT and I think so did others. Other people's presentations looked like they were set up differently to mine but still on the Google site wich made it much more different and interesting. Good Job Middles!!!
Today the middles did the history presentations I did my PLT on Barangaroo and I only got 9 people come to my  presentation but it still went really well . After we did our from 9:00 to 10:00 we
Went to see middle M’s but middles M had the same of two people .
This morning was really fun we presented our P.L.T’s to show grownups and some of the other classes and i did Pemulwuy. The project was about European settlement the rich question was how stories of the past help us live in the present. I am happy that i chose Pemulwuy because everyone wanted to see mine. I am really proud of myself because i think i did the best P.L.T.
The PLTS were really awesome. I worked really hard to read. Sometimes I had to stop reading to people because I ran out of breath. Arthur Phillip was my person to study for my PLT.
I saw others from Middle S and Middle M. This was a fun day and I liked showing people my PLT also as listening to other people’s PLTS.
Today was awesome to see people and it felt like i was the teacher because i was teach people about William Buckley and it was cool seeing all the scratch projects and some of them were different. it was fun learning about different people and some scratch projects were funny and interactive.
Today was hard because I had to present my PLT and I was very tired after doing my PLT and during this term I found it hard learning about history and now that I know most of the names of the people from the past and It was hard cause at the start I didn't find any information about George Barrington and that I had a lot of fun doing the scratch project and the google my maps.
Today we Presented our Australian History P.L.T.s. The person I chose was Matthew Flinders. I really liked presenting to the rest of the school today and the parents today. At the start of the day I was really nervous. I had made a few mistakes in my scratch project and some punctuation was wrong. So after someone had left I quickly fixed the mistakes I had noticed. Overall I learnt a lot about Australian History!!!!!
I think the PLT was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot because we got to set the tables whatever way we want and I got a load more people than last time .I also think this terms subject was more interesting and more people came, but I noticed a lot of people not very into it .
I thought it was AMAZING I loved it. I loved all the different ideas that everyone put in there google site the set up was great too it was great how some the parents could come in and share our learning. I had lots of people come and want to find out about my person, Esther Abrahams who was a convict on the First Fleet and she tried to steal 25 pieces of lace and then was sentenced to jail/gaol. I loved seeing all the other people’s presentations they were good as well some of the presentations I liked was Bennelong, Barangaroo, Charlotte Badger, Bungaree and Margaret Catchpole. For my Presentation I also did little puppets of the action and did a map of her journey from London, Rio de Janeiro, Cape town and then Sydney, the destination.  
I thought today was really fun and enjoyable and I thought it went really well.  I had lots of people come to my presentation. I did mine on Mary Bryant, and I thought I did a good job and got a lot of good and rich information about her.
I really enjoyed listening to everyone else's sites, it was really fun and interesting to find out different facts about these people.  
Today we did our plt i thought that i would not finish it on the day that we were meant to show everyone our plt  but we did so I’m not that worried anymore because we don't have to do it  again and sometimes you got a lot of writing then you don't want to read anymore  then you get tired because lots of people come but some people like when people come to you but I’m trying to say is it's hard when some people come to you and you have to read a lot of writing that you wrote       
Today we did our PLT’s and I enjoyed telling people what I learnt by doing the task that we were assigned to do. I was a bit sad that my family couldn't come but a lot of visitors form our school and even some parents came to mine. I sort of felt like the teacher in a way because everyone was listening to me and learning from my work. I did my PLT on Bennelong. I learnt a lot about him, and enjoyed doing the PLT. I liked going to different classes to see what they produced and it was good because, everyone that did the same person had different information. I think that everyone learnt something doing this PLT because I know that I did. Now I can share my learning with others to give them some knowledge on who I did. Or someone else's person.
On the 19 of September 2018 we did a European first Australia PLT on different people that settled in Australia. I did George Bass because I love Tasmania and he discovered it was an island with Matthew flinders. When we presented our PLT my voice was croaky from telling 15 people about my work. I really enjoyed doing it and I hope we do it again.
I liked it but too much reading for me. I got very tired after. I’m also proud of myself that I did that much work.
I really enjoyed this year I really enjoyed this it was fun learning about Australian history i lent a lot in my P.L.T am not looking forward to next team because Ms Scott is the best teacher ever. I didn't even no my person lived on earth for my plt i am so grateful that my would come because she had to go to work she said she could only see mine but she saw one of my friends so i was grateful for that. I had very many wonders this term. This term was a challenge i enjoy challenges and this term told me what I love I love the book series we are reading.  
It was very fun making this P.L.T because I learnt a lot of stuff. At home I felt very smart because I did work at home. I felt that on the presentation day I had a lot of people and I had to be really strict with saying stuff like when Captain Cook got drowned and there was some more back storey to is.. !!!!IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!
This P.L.T was very fun and I learnt a lot of things and got a teacher’s point of view, it was great how we all felt happy and got this done I learnt a lot about other people’s people as well as my own (James Ruse) This terms P.L.T was fun.
I had lots of fun and I learnt a lot about father James Harold I had lots of  people come to mine and I learnt that father James Harold’s birthday was 1899 I didn't think I could finish but I did it was so hard and fun at the same time .
I found it really fun. My favourite part was the diorama, site and scratch project. At first (before I presented it) I felt that I had the right amount of information but then when I did present it I found that I had way too much because the people that I presented it to, during when I was presenting it they would look at the time and try and figure out a way to get out of listening to my PLT. But I think that I have learnt a lot about Margaret Catchpole and I now know why she is famous. I think I know what it was like back then and how hard it was. I was so confused because all of the different websites that I went on all had some different perspective of what they thought happened. I think I did well in just in 3 weeks especially when I didn’t know who she was. It was really fun and I think it was the most I’ve ever done in a PLT because normally after I finish a PLT I hardly have anything to present and it is really boring. Because I had a lot of information it was good that I could explain it without looking at my text. I think a lot of people thought that my map/diorama and my portrait was really creative. All in all I think I did well and most people liked my presentation.
I thought it was really fun and I liked how not all the middle went at the different times so everyone could look at each other P.L.T and how some people have the same person but different info. Over the few weeks we had I have learnt a lot about Charlotte badger and a lot of different other people. I think all of the P.L.T are really good all the grade 3 and 4 worked really hard on all there P.L.T and I think everyone worked really hard on them and I think this P.L.T is the best one yet and I really liked it.

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Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

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