Thursday, 16 August 2018

Learning about Volume and Capacity

Volume and Capacity Reflection

I really liked doing this today because it was an active activity and it was something different rather than just playing with blocks, we were able to experiment.                                            
Today we are doing volume and capacity with cups and jugs and water. I got better at measuring things, because I put them together.
I enjoyed doing it because I learnt that you have to be careful of what you estimate and that most of my measurements were in the hundreds and if I measured in cups they were under ten.
I enjoyed doing this lesson because it was not like a normal lesson it was outside. The other thing i liked about the lesson was that we got to play with water.                                       
I enjoyed doing volume and capacity
Today and that it was a fun way and
New way to do math. Even though it
Was a bit messy I still learnt lot, such as... 
I enjoyed it because I learned a lot more about capacity and volume but I also found it fun (and wet)
I really liked the maths lesson where we had to measure containers with water. I noticed that all the measurements were in the hundreds. I got better at measuring capacity.
I really liked it I measured a yogurt container. I learnt that capacity was related to volume. It was really fun.
I really liked measuring with water because we were using real liquid not like when you’re in yr 1 & 2 and you have to use imaginary water. It was really fun and I really liked looking at all the different containers especially the really small ones or really big ones. My favorite containers would have been: the test tube, Ms Scotts blue cup and the yogurt tub. I loved seeing all the different sizes of the cups such as the length, width, height etc
 I enjoyed doing the volume and capacity lesson because it helps me with measuring because honestly I am not the best, but once doing that it sort of helped to estimate the volume and the water.
I got better at measuring and not getting wet. I learnt a lot of things I wrote down the containers name and estimated how much water it can hold.
Today we learned about volume and capacity. I got better at measuring liquids and using liters and ml. We used containers and measuring jugs. I learned how much some containers can fit and sometimes we had to use 2 Measuring jugs for 3 liter containers.
I learnt how to measure capacity and volume and that I learnt and that I noticed the difference between the capacities of all the different jugs I measured.
I liked the part where it was very messy and I also learnt that 1000ml = 1 litre. My book WAS SO WET!! That was the part I hated.
Today we were learning about volume and capacity. The class paired up and measured things together my partner was tegan and the best part was getting #WET!!!
Luke !!!!!!
It was very fun Ms Scott. I learnt that 1,000ml is 1 litre and and I liked it a lot because all we do is do strategies and I would prefer to go outside and do what we did today. And I improved measuring more stuff and I know why scientists uses pencils, because if you get it wet it will be the same unlike a pen):!!!!     
It was fun only because it was easy! I accidentally did it wrong but at least I did measuring but not informal. Meh. I learnt how to measure things and I did not know how to do that before and I thought it was going to be very hard but it isn’t because it was easy that isn’t the only reason I liked it I liked how I learnt it easily and now I can finish the homework task about measuring! YAY! I found that none of the things I measured went up to 1 L. Each time I did another jug and another container it became easier and it became less confusing. I learnt that 1000 ml is 1 Litre an how to use a measuring jug. I feel it will help me cook and make the right measurements and put 2 tablespoons of vanilla instead of 2 cups of vanilla and when I read a recipe I will actually get it. It was really fun!   

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