Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Discovering Science Fiction for the first time

This term, as Middle S is learning more about Science and Chemistry, we have also been exploring literature that delves into science, specifically, Science Fiction.
Below are our responses to Ms Scott's questions about this genre:

1. Can you tell me what you think about reading Science Fiction books this term?
2. How is it different from other reading genres? 
3. What is the science that happens in them?

I think that reading science fiction books is really fun.
there diferent by how there about adventure and horror or funny and all the other types, but the normal books can just be about a made up story and talking about themselves.
thhe science books are like time travel and space it could be about biology and chemistry.
Max L.

1. It was fun and I enjoyed reading them.
2. they are in space most of them are and I LOVE space.
3. In one of the books I read there was a mad scientist that made all of these different types of growing potions.

I think that it has been a realy good experience because I don't usually read Science Fiction books.
They are different to others because the characters travel into space or go back in time.
It is about space and space is Geology.
From Erin

I really like it I have enjoyed it lots.
They are actually real.

It is fun and you can find out cool stuff that people can think of. It is also making your brain think of all the fake stuff in the book. They are different by having science that will never happen and maybe make a reality. The science that happens is rockets or making time machines or instead of a time machine a delorean time machine.  🚀

The book I'm reading right now is Eric and Einstein. I think reading Science fiction books is really fun and
 interesting and its some how helped me learn
a lot more about Science and now I'm really into it and my mum has bought me some science books.
Reading science fiction books is a lot different than I expected like theirs new words I'm learning and having a go at
new stories and meanings and lots of examples. Science fiction books really have a twist to each experiment or story and sometimes its got a little comedy.
There's experiments you learn, fun facts, and stories about scientists
and what I love about science is that theres ALWAYS a challenge and I really like having a go at it.
Thank-you, Tara

1.I really liked reading science books this term and it has kinda taught me a tiny bit more
2.well, there's a bit more reality than fantasy, its more funny than horror and a bit more imaginative than nonfiction
3.the science in sci fiction is like, when its about space which is science, alien which is biology/earth and space science and time travel which is a bit of chemistry/physics 

I think that would be great ms Scott.
2.I don't know?maybe because it is like science and learning a lot of new stuff compare that to normal books it just like tells you one thing you should't do not like science.
3.well like in star girl one of them did all the science to get the right stuff for them to wear and to protect them it looked quite complicated.
from abbey!

I think it is a great idea that we are doing it.
They are different because you can learn things even though they are a fiction book and I love chemistry so I would love it. Another way that it is different is that I feel they are way more interesting and they leave me on the edge of my seat (especially the chrysalids). Well in my book it has mutants and I think that is kind of science fiction. Sometimes there might be time machines or they might even be about a astronaut and they sound science to me.
From Celia

 to mis Scott I think that it is an next level amazing idea.
They are normally fiction and they are very scireos.
It namely about something that happend  in historic.
thanks lots of love from myla. 

💀👽I enjoyed reading them because some were creepy and cool
I cant tell the differences.  .  
it was about people who tried to find planets to live on. 
max S.

1. that sound good. I love reading science fiction books their really 
science fictiony.
2.i don't know achely thay have no different to me 
3. about what.
from Luke S. 🤔

Thanks ms Scott it was great it was a really fun subject!
Well I think if we can make it a bit more nonfiction it would be great!
I think its a lot more fun.
Its about things that might happen in the future.😎

🤓I fill happy about readying them they are real things incited of fiction stuff that some of them are cold  and some are hot like the sun say the sun is a star 

1. I like reading them, I really enjoy them and I have learnt quite a fair bit. I read a book about out of space, it was called,Space Junk.
2. They are different because they are real and they are related to science.
3. The one i'm reading is about astronoughts killing space creachers and planets.
From Tegan    🤔😉

1. It was fantastic .If we do it next term for history I will defiantly join in (even though I don't really have a choice).
2. There different because e.g.they're sometimes not as funny as humorous books or not as mysterious as mystery books.
3. I am not really sure but the spacey science fiction might include a bit of info about cosmology(the study of the universe)
From Sam

1. I think sci-fi books are better than normal books. I love reading sci-fi books they are so funny, adventurous and silly. (sometimes)!
2. They are different from other books because they sort-of give you the message in a different way and that other genres don't.
    Sci-fi books ( to me) have something that other books don't have. It might be the adventure or the humour.
3. Going through space, doing experiments, analysing planets or being a scientist and doing what scientists do. 🤔🤗

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Properties of Different Materials

Here are some materials we can see in our classroom and what they may be used for...
Where we see it / Where it is used
Plastic is used for toys and lot of stuff like that you see plastic in factories plastic can be very bad for the environment. You mainly find plastic in public than at home. Plastic can be expensive in some ways and cheap in other ways. Plastic is usually combined with other materials.
Books,charts,posters,calendars,tissue paper, painting and card board paper. Papers is a material you get of trees.
The wall at the back of the room. We can use it for hanging paintings and drawings on the wall you can also use single bricks to hold gates/doors and if you want to you can build towers (for fun).
Between the brick it's wet when you put it on and its very is grey. You put it between bricks.
The out lining  of the window seal, the book stand that hold the door handle
Window curtain openers
Cotton is a plant pants are made out of cotton. socks are made out of cotton  shoelaces are made out of cotton
Glass can be a window and also be a cup and all that stuff. You can also smash the glass.
Max S
You can find wood in lots of wood in trees. You can make pencils, houses telephone poles
Shoe, carpet, lunch box, painting you can make a world map and landmark the great wall of china. Card with Velcro! chromebook! By abbey
Inside the pen. On Erin's fingernails. Texters on paper ( that's been coloured in) it can be used to colour in .they come from squids it’s very useful
Chemicals are were you mix two things together. And you can find it in all types of things like food an and there are things that are really small and it is in everything and they are so small that you can’t even see them and you are touching them all the time!!!!!!!!!(:
ON YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND YOUR BODY!!!!!!!!!!!, on your clothes, (or on your pillow), on hair ties if you have knots.
Leather is skin from cows. They use it to make jackets, car seats and couches.
A nail is a thing that grows at the end of your fingers and toes. Nearly all animals have nails. You scratch, damage and grab stuff with nails.
I can see lead on pencils. I can use it to write and to draw
Classrooms on Whiteboards, also used to hang drawing paintings and mostly paper things
Squishies, sponges, some toys, kitchen (to clean).
We see water in our drink bottles rivers lakes dams. You use it to keep your body hydrated. Rain is also water
Max L
Back of a pencil, foil, drink cans
Candles so the fire doesn't get out of control and Figurines because they look cool, beehives,
Rubbers that you rub out with. You use them to rub out your mistakes (only pencil lead though)
You can also find it on a 2 square ball and tires.

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