Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Reflecting on the Sacrament of Confirmation

Cooper - I felt good about helping the other seniors go through the sacrament of Confirmation and helping them through them. I liked supporting them and joining in with them and also helping them set up. Also I thought it was fun and very special to be included in their time of confirmation.

Tully -
I feel Confirmation has made me 100% apart of the holy family and it was very special. My sponsor was proud of me and my Parents 😃 .

Patrick - I did confirmation on the Friday it went for 2 hours but is was good. My saints name Is Thomas the Apostle I choose Thomas because its my grandads name I felt happy and excited. The lead up to confirmation was long but we did some good things along the way. a couple of weeks ago we went to a retreat day.

I felt that it was very big step in life also important and I won't forget it and all my family came and my
sponsor said that she had a very good time. Before confirmation I was scared that I would stuff up my reading or skip a line or worse  laugh, but I didn't so that was a relief. After confirmation all my family came and had a great time they also met Grace which was fun!!
Ava G - Before I had my Confirmation I was  a little scared. I was feeling better when the bishop talked to us on sunday. I felt like Confirmation is a big step in life, I also felt very happy after my reading because I thought I was going to stuff up! I learnt a lot about the fruits of the spirit and I had lots of fun!!!

Natasha- I thought confirmation was a great experience in life. I was a bit nerves and then i felt calm afterwards near the end and we all got a certificate. I learnt a lot about the fruits of the spirit and what confirmation is and it was a great night.
Natalia -  I thought that confirmation was a memorable experience, I was extremely nervous before Mass but later I felt very relaxed. It was very important to me. I really enjoyed reading.
Zac-I thought Confirmation was an awesome it was a fun time to explore the wonder of God, I thought it was a good experience and when I got Confirmed I felt so happy. It was a fun time with bishop marks and the priests, I had a good time with my sponsor and was happy to be confirmed. When I got confirmed it was such a good feeling to be  another step to God and Jesus. After the Confirmation we got our certificate and we all lined up to show everyone in the church. I was so happy after to be near to god and the bishop confirmed me with my sponsors hand on my shoulder and the holy oil onto my skin.

Jackson - Confirmation was great! It all happened Friday. I was not really nervous, more excited. I started to get nervous a bit when Bishop Marks came in because he looked like he was going to ask a hard question. Beside that it was exciting. I was happy when I got confirmed and we got a certificate, but then I had to read the Prayers of the Faithful. It went better than expected, which was a good thing. Confirmation is like taking a step forward towards Jesus. I did also get pretty tired because it went for 2 hours. Then to top it off the Bishop asked, ‘How do you spell auxiliary?’ Thankfully I knew how to spell it.
It was a awesome night!
Ava.M-I thought that confirmation was good and it was really fun it also made me think more about god than the actual confirmation and for learning about justice for inquiry was also really fun it was also fun preparing for confirmation and.

Tom: After Confirmation I felt that I was set on the right path to becoming a better person. The confirmation itself was great. Having bishop Mark Edwards there was great and it made the mass feel a lot more holy and he was great at making the confirmation special. I was nervous at the confirmation but I was also expectant and eager. The lead-up to confirmation was also really fun but it was very spiritual as we prepared for our sacrament
Overall confirmation was great.

Isabella: Before confirmation I was a little nervous but the bishop was really nice and friendly so I felt Okay during it. I was on Sunday it went on for an hour and a half and the bishop called  me up to spell auxiliary, luckily I spelled it right! I think that all the preparation was really worth it and it was a very special day. My sponsor was my grandma and it was a fun and exciting day.

Tia  - Instead of being confirmed I had a special blessing, but preparing for confirmation really linked in with our justice topics and issues. Looking at justice issues really helped everyone look at how they can be better people in today’s world, which has a lot of issues. During the special blessing I was really quite nervous, I had no idea of what was going to happen. But I really enjoyed sitting with and singing with the choir. My least favourite part was standing up at the front holding the candle for the Prayer of the Faithful for Wonder and Awe. It was so unnerving seeing all of those eyes looking up and expecting a fabulous mass. Overall it was amazing and everyone looked really prepared. I am now learning how to use the gifts of Wisdom and Courage properly. I had a great time on Friday watching “The Ritual of Humiliation” or when Bishop Mark Edwards was asking people questions about the different sacraments.
Natalie:I thought that making my confirmation really brought me closer to God and that the auxiliary bishop was so nice and my mom said to me after I made it that my confirmation reminded her of hers.

Jessica-I didn’t make my confirmation, so I prepared with the people that did, I thought it was great to help people and do the things that the people did make, and it was fun to learn about my hero that I did, and I enjoyed to make the poster, and I liked drawing the person that I did too.

Madi- I didn’t make confirmation but I had a special blessing on Friday, even though I didn't get confirmed I had the privilege to research a saint which was Saint Magdalene. I do have to say that Bishop Mark was really reassuring and nice, he prayed for us before the mass. I wasn’t sure what time I was supposed to go up for my blessing so I was super nervous, but I think I did really well and so did everyone else.

Bobby/James- I made confirmation on Friday I  chose my saint to be Saint Roch the mass was 2 hours. I did one reading which was the penitential rite which was the second reading in the mass which made me a little nervous, After the mass I had some guests over

Preparing for confirmation was very fun because I enjoyed making the posters with the icons because I learnt a lot about Adam Goodes and why he is a hero.

Cooper M
I thought that confirmation was good because we all received the sacrament of confirmation and received all the gifts wisdom, right judgement, wonder and awe, understanding, courage, reverence and knowledge so now we all have these gifts. we all studied a saint to chose as our saint name and research them. It was a great experience to
receive confirmation.

preparing for confirmation was fun I liked making the poster and I learnt a lot about not just my saint but other saints as well as other saints. We learnt about the gifts and fruits of the holy spirit. I did it on Sunday and my sponsor was my uncle and my saint was St Anthony of Padua.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

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