Friday, 19 August 2016

Today was Pyjama Day!

Every year our whole school wears pajamas to school (including the teachers), to raise awareness and money to support the Melbourne City Mission.
Today, we watched a short interview and read some accounts of people who have experienced homelessness, after which we responded by writing diary entries from the point of view of someone who might be homeless. This has helped to deepen our understanding of this important issue that could affect any of us.

Dear Diary,
It’s freezing and the middle of winter!! I used to work as a florist and I lost my job a month ago because developers wanted to build some apartments and I am now living in my car as I had nowhere else to go. I have to use three blankets and two sleeping bags to even get close to warm. Everyday I look for a new job and every day I pass kids and families shivering and sleeping on the street. It is so confronting and I feel so sorry for them. People pass us and don’t even look at us. They don’t care at all. This homelessness problem is getting worse. I used to couch surf but I was kicked out. I barely have enough money for food and warm clothes. I have no parents as they died when I was little and my relatives don’t know where I am. I pray to God every night to help me. I wish I could turn my life around. I don’t deserve this as I have worked hard my whole life.

Date: 19th August 2047
Hi diary.
It turns out most people actually don’t care about homeless people. They just walk on by, not caring about some grotty guy with nothing to live by. It’s also REALLY cold. I’ve been living like this for a few days now. I was starting to think I should start pickpocketing, but something changed that. I was just sitting on the curb of some street, when suddenly a van pulled up and two men and a woman got out. On the side of the van, some words were printed on the side. They said: Melbourne City Mission. The men had some supplies in their hands, that they gave to me. One minute ago I was some guy on the street who didn’t have any money or anything. Now I’m a guy who has cash, food, books, drinks. I said thank you, but I was so teared up with happiness, they probably didn’t hear me. - WillH 

Dear Diary,
My life has been rough, I feel like I have been kicked out of society, People look at me thinking who’s that disgusting man roaming the streets of the city. Some people give me money which I'm so grateful for but it isn’t enough. I just think of all the rich living in their mansion with stacks and stacks of money and to selfish  to give any to the poor not even to a charity! Melbourne City Mission help me a lot, they help me by giving me food and trying to get me off the street. Well that's pretty much it I guess so it’s just an endless loop hole. I pray to God every night to help me get off the streets.

Dear Diary,
A month ago I was meant to pay the rent. Now I have been kicked out of my house and now I living on the dirty, dangerous and high traffic streets. I am very scared and I don’t know what to do. I have never been in this difficulty, ever. I don’t have enough money to pay for the rent and I can’t afford to get a job. My phone is broken and I can’t call anyone about the situation. I don’t have the money to buy food and the shops are way too far for me to walk, I don’t have a car, I’m only 15. I only have a couple of blankets and a sleeping-bag to keep me warm. I don’t think I can ever get out of this situation.

Dear Diary 14/8/16
It's been nearly a week since I got kicked out of my apartment and it's been terrible. I have no money at all and only one very nice man has gave me a 5 dollar note. I could not keep much of my stuff but I did get to keep this diary that was my great grandpas. I treasure it very much and if I ever lost it then I don't know what I would do. Many people don't even want to make eye contact with me and it's like they think I’m not a human. I don't have many friends but the Sun's family are the nicest people ever but they’re on holiday and don't even know I’m homeless but they will be back and I'm sure they will help me. I had to move spots again this morning and now I am just sitting on the Sun's porch writing in this old thing.

Dear not a diary,
I just got kicked out my house and I am trying to look for somewhere to stay or sleep but it does not look good for me I think I am going to have to bunk in my car tonight. I will try my brother but I don’t know where he is so I might be on the streets in my car, but the positive view at least I have a car to sleep in so I can be protected by the rain. I don’t know how I will go on the food point of view but I am feeling a bit stressed actually no I am feeling very much stressed. So I’m gonna see how I go with getting some sleep.

Dear Not a diary,
I haven't gotten back to you in a few days. I am really starting to struggle to stay positive and keep on my feet I think I might be losing my car soon because I hadn't fully payed it off so there goes my only shelter and I don’t think I’ve got anything positive to talk about right now so I will see you in my next diary entry.

Dear not a diary,
I have just received breaking news and yes it is great because I have found the whereabouts of my brother. Turns out I also get to keep my car, I think the world has turned around for me.

Dear not a Dairy,
My brother has just allowed me to sleep in his house and has given me a bit of money to get back on my feet which is great, I really do think that I will have a good life again. My brother has also given me a job so I think that the world has just done a wonderful three sixty for me.

Dear not a diary,
This is a dusty thing hi diary I haven’t used you In a while and I never told you that I am back on my feet and I have now started a professional career of my own, I am a professional artist.   

Friday, 5 August 2016

Senior S Food Reviews

Today, in Senior S we practised being food critics. After taste testing some simple, yet healthy snacks we took notes on what we tried and then turned them into food reviews. The focus of this task was writing reviews using highly descriptive language.
We published some of our reviews on our student blogs, which can be found here...
Will B 

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...