Monday, 30 May 2016

Personification, Onomatopoeia and Imagery

Senior S have been exploring the use of personification, onomatopoeia and imagery in their writing. They used these writing features to describe a Hamster and this is what they came up with...

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bunjil the Eagle: Art and Storytelling

On Friday May 20th, ten students from Senior S and Senior IG, who were selected from an opt-in ballot, walked to Blackburn Lake visitors centre to participate in the Whitehorse Reconciliation Advisory Committee’s Bunjil Schools Project. There they created their own Bunjil puppet with Renate Crow, a local artist, and learnt about Bunjil and local Wurundjeri culture from Uncle Bill Nicholson, a Wurundjeri Elder with the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council.

A Storify that encapsulates many aspects of the morning is coming...

Friday, 13 May 2016

Sharing learning around our school (and the world)

During the last week the Junior class at our school conducted an interesting survey about the weather around the world.  They had a great response from around the world.

We enjoyed reading the results and giving the younger students feedback about what we learned by reading their map.  
Here are our comments (we created a Google Doc and embedded it here)

Monday, 9 May 2016

Raising awareness about cancer, learning about electricity and more!

Bridie- This week has had it’s ups and downs but it was a really good week. On Thursday we had Pink day which was a great success. The grade 6 girls ran the stalls and handed out pink ribbons (I am a grade 6 girl). All together we raised almost $400 dollars for Breast Cancer. In music we have finished our assignment and we will be performing it soon. In maths we had independent learning and it was really fun because we got to play maths games. In art we have been creating mother’s day art and cards. We created flowers in a pot. My mum came in on Wednesday to teach us science. I enjoyed the experiments she did with us and the light bulbs she helped us create. This week has been super and I can’t wait until the weekend because I am exhausted.
Sienna - This week in school we have been focusing a bit on mother's day art. The first piece of art we did was we got our mums name and we coloured it in, the second piece of art was in Italian we made mother's day card. The last piece of art is we made flowers out of paper. Then we had Bridie's mum Marika came in and talked to us about physics and energy what it is. She showed us some experiments that we did one of them was with a battery, red and green cords and a light bulb. We had to find out a way to make the light bulb shine with the materials we had. My group fortunately did it. It was really fun to learn the new things and for any ladies reading this HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
Riley.G:This week our art has been focused on mother's day and also for Italian we made Mothers day cards. This week I remembered short division. This morning we went to the mother's day mass and after the parents had morning tea.
Alex - This week we did art for mother's day. The first art we did was in Italian and we made Italian mothers day cards. I like this because everyone’s was different and unique. The second thing we did was we made flowers out of paper in a box this was hard but fun. I hope that all our mothers have a great mother's day and enjoy the gifts that we have given them. This week we also had a mother come in and teaches us all about physics and this was fun. We got to learn how to light up a light bulb and different ways to do it and what works and what doesn't. I am looking forward to when she comes back.
Jack P - This week we did two lots of mother's day art, one during Italian and one during our class art.
Ryan- This week we did performing art what was really fun because we are doing are act for performing arts and it's really going well. We were making Mother's day art and it was really hard but it is worth it knowing what are parents do for us. This week was one of the best weeks ever because I got my new glasses.
Will B - This week was fun, other than art! This week was also fun in ways - like learning about our origins. I also had a good week😎For Art We did paper flowers which turned out, you guessed it. This week was really Fun! 😖 And I Know - Next week will be better!!
Jack C- This week I have really enjoyed doing sport and all the art we have done. During art we have been working on Mother’s day art and for science we have had a insertion and in the insertion we had someone come in to teach us about science over all I think it was fun.
Natasha- This week we did mothers day art which was making paper flowers and putting it in a cardboard pot.The sad thing was that today Mrs Clark our Deputy Principal is leaving to go to her new job.
Will H- This week , Senior S did some pretty cool things. My favorite thing was Caoimhe’s science experiment, because it was interesting to see a mandarin float, and then sink.
 Caoimhe- This week I enjoyed doing the mother's day art because it was fun. I also enjoyed music because we are almost finished our project. I enjoyed doing my science experiment and doing science with Marika.
Eva: This week we did cool mother’s day art. On Wednesday Bridie mum Marika did some cool science games with us. Today we had mother’s day mass and Mrs Clark's farewell because she has a new job.
Vivienne-This week I’ve enjoyed doing Mother’s day Art by making paper flowers which was hard at first and starting to be easy.We also learnt about energy with Marika/Bridie’s mum and there is lots of kinds of energy. 
Will.P- This week I was sick the whole time except for Wednesday and Friday. Then my wireless mouse ran out of battery!
Ava- This week we have been making Mother's day art and I made a card in Italian and Colouring in my Mums name with my sister and also making flowers in a pot with huge love hearts, I also liked science because Bridie’s mum came in and talked to us about electricity.
Lachlan B: This week i enjoyed watching Caoimhe’s experiment on floating oranges, I also enjoyed doing independent maths on division and reading task because I’m almost done
Jake - I definitely enjoyed the Mother's day Mass at church because it had all of my favourite songs. I also liked the inquiry lesson that Marika planned for us because we are learning about science. I’m very excited for the winter sports, because I signed up for netball B
Daisy- This week in art we made Mothers day art for our mum’s and did short division. I also enjoyed performing arts with Mrs. Bergin and my group. We went to mass on Friday to farewell our wonderful Mrs. Clark and to wish our mothers a happy Mother’s day. Bridie’s mum came in and we learnt about science. Overall, I think that this week has been a really good week!
Jasmine: I enjoyed this week because we made awesome mother's day gifts that were boxes of paper flowers but they were quite tricky to make. We also did our cards in Italian. Today we had a mother’s day mass which was also for Mrs Clark because this is her last day. In sport we did football and in Performing Arts we worked on our play without speaking and we choose our costumes. My favorite thing was when Marika came in to teach us about electricity, energy, light and more. We tried lots of experiments and it was very fun.
Jack - This week we did two lots of mother's day art, one during Italian and one during our class art. We had 5 specialists, Sport, S.E.L, Library, Performing Arts and Italian. We also did independent maths on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This week in maths we have been doing division and learning easy ways to divide bigger numbers. Marika came in and talked about science ( energy & physics ) This week was fun and good.
Riley O’C- This week we made mother's day pieces for art they were paper flowers, some of the grade 6’s also did independent learning for maths which is good because you can work your own pace and don't have to wait for the teacher to finish teaching the others, Bridie's mum came in and taught us science is was mostly about electricity.
Angus:This week I enjoyed in maths because it was easy.I also enjoyed mothers day art.It was fun.I also enjoyed planning an animal day. I wonder what will happen next week??? Maths is Fun
Maria- This week we have been preparing for Mrs Clark farewell mass. It was so sad to see Mrs Clark go but I think that It was just her time to leave. I hope she enjoyed her time at St Luke's. She was a great puzzle piece to our community.
Peter 🐼 - This week in art we made a piece to give our mums on Mother's Day. The piece that we made was a pot of flowers. The flowers were made out of paper and the pot was a small cardboard box. We placed one side of a skewer through the paper and the other side into a foam cup, which was stuck to the bottom of the box. Also, in Italian classes we made Mother’s Day cards to go with it. Both activities took a lot of time and effort but all that will be worth it.
Brandon C - This week in school we had Marika came in to teach us about science, we made circuits and used friction. We also had our winter sports on Friday and had mothers day church and fare-welled Mrs Clark.
Jacob: This week Bridie's mum came in and told us about electricity and globes and how they work Elisa - This week I have enjoyed making mother's day art which was a flower bouquet! Everyone made three paper flowers and added in a silver heart. We put them in a coloured box with tissue paper to make it look like grass. It was quite a tricky activity at the start but now they all look amazing.
Akuac-This week we made mother’s day art.We made flowers out of paper and our teacher brought metal love heart made. Then we put it in a box and filled it up with tissue paper.
Brandon P: This week was an extremely exciting week because we did Art, Italian, Sport, Performing Arts, SEL and more! We had Bridie’s Mum come into the school the school and teach us about science.

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...