Friday, 18 September 2015

Reflecting on our learning this term...

Natalia - I thought this term’s inquiry would be hard, because I missed out on the first two weeks but it wasn’t. I really enjoyed practicing my speaking part for the school production, but not so much practicing our class.

WILL- I learnt a lot this term and it has helped me especially the maths.

Zach-I thought this term was a really good and interesting one. I learnt a lot and I think I had a lot of learning opportunities than last term. I liked the art that we did it was way more satisfying. Some of my goals were better hand-writing, better at math,  and better at learning.

Piers-This term has to be the best term this year because it has been really fun and I have changed my opinions on some lessons we were doing, I like art now. Also maths and writing is really fun because Ms Scott is reaching to us by like letting us play maths games with our favourite things such as we get to play fun games. I want to learn more about bodmas.
PATRICK- This term I learnt a lot. from our famous Australians expo. Going to sovereign hill  made me think more about how people lived back in the day.

Tully - This term was fun and interesting. We covered heaps of stuff in math, Inquiry, Religion and art. In art we have been learning the origins  of the paintings and learning about BODMAS and in religion about stories and about famous Australians in inquiry. I had a good term and I learnt heaps in term 3.
JAMES- This term has been quite fun because we have done loads of cool things like practising school play, Italian day and doing presentations on famous Australian people in history. This has been one of my favourite terms I have had this year and I am looking forward to next term.
Madi - This term has been very interesting, We went to Sovereign Hill and The Immigration Museum for inquiry and learnt about the Gold Rush. In Maths we learnt about BODMAS and Algebra. For Inquiry we also had to research a famous Australian and I researched Mary MacKIllop.

Ava G - This Term Has been amazing! I really enjoyed doing my Inquiry project, art, sport and our excursions! For my inquiry, I did Jenny Kee

Natasha- This term I enjoyed  learning about famous Australians and how they became famous and what they did. I also enjoyed the sport and the excursions that we went to.
Jenny-this term was fun and interesting because we got to learn about stories from the bible and we learnt about one significant Australian - I did May Gibbs. I learnt a lot about her like her birthday and when she died and if she got married and things. Next term I want to improve my math skills in division.

Isabella- I liked this term because we got to go on so many excursions like Sovereign Hill and the Immigration museum and some more places. We have been learning about significant people who have contributed to Australia and made it what it is today. I did a project on Miles Franklin, she was an author and was really good. In religion we have learnt about the old testament stories and my friends and I did a puppet show on Noah's ark.

Ava.M -This term has been fun because we have been learning about different things which is fun and the art was really fun because I haven't seen that type of art before and the Inquiry has been fun is well because we have been learning about famous Australians.

Jessica - This term we have been learning about history of  Australia and how it has shaped Australia, we did a project and  we chose a significant person and learn about it for the last two weeks, and dress as them on the day we had the expo. I did Elizabeth Kenny, she was a nurse that found a cure for a disease called Polio.   

Natalie-This term has been good because we have been learning about Australia's history and how it has grown and developed. We also chose a famous Australian and researched them and learned what they did to shape Australia's history, I did Nancy Bird.
I have found out that on google docs when you are on a doc with the class that you can just press the minimise button and then you don’t need to see all the silly messages that people send and you can do your work without the silly messages.

COOPER M-This term has be great we have learnt a lot about famous Australians and that has been fun. We had a lot of great excursions and we learned a from those excursions. Overall this term has been great. we all have learnt a lot.

Tia- This terms inquiry was really intriguing as we had to pick someone that we knew nothing about and we had to learn as much as possible about them. I chose Mary Gilmore and it turned out to be really hard as she has been dead for around about 53 years so it was hard to get onto primary resources. It was really fun to learn about Mary as it turned out that she was the 1st person to be appointed Dame Commander of the British Empire for Contributions to Literature. The only bad bit about this terms inquiry was the costume I had to wear as it was the Late Victorian fashion, so it was very black and boring.

Lochie- This term I have learnt a lot. Some of the things we did were an Australian project and religion: the Ruth and Naomi story. for the Australian project I did Johnny O'Keefe. his nephew is Andrew O'Keefe who was channel 7 host in 2004 and now runs deal or no deal.

Tom: Term 3 has been great. The math has been fun and pretty much everything is better than term 2. We researched about the famous Australians and how Australia’s story has grown and developed.

Understanding Australian History through Significant People

This week, all the Seniors classes presented their learning on a famous Australian who has contributed to Australia's Story in a significant way.
Do you recognise the people Senior S have dressed as?

Who do you think has contributed to the development of Australia?


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Kids Teaching Kids/Coastal Ambassadors.

Our four Sustainability Leaders ventured down to Phillip Island for the day to present their Raising Awareness project at the 2015 Kids Teaching Kids Conference.
Wearing our Kids Teaching Kids t-shirts and lanyards
Presenting to other schools on our Upcycling project
Some works of art and play were created
Making a penguin house
The Blacky Penguin Hotel
Making a jellyfish in a bottle to represent what plastic looks like to sea animals
We made it to the beach!
Receiving our trophy for taking part in the conference

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...