Thursday, 31 July 2014

Melbourne Museum History Excursion

Yesterday, we visited the Melbourne Museum, especially to see the "First Peoples" Exhibition in the Bunjilaka Cultural Centre
Cam showed us how to use the app, Book Creator, on the mini iPads that we shared and Bernard guided us around this new (but permanent) exhibition. Along the way, we took photos and interviewed each other with a variety of materials that explained the early history of a land we know as Australia.

What was good about using iPads and Book Creator at the Museum?
  • It’s like writing facts down, but it stays as a movie on the iPad – Cooper
  • Mini iPads are good because it’s like making a movie and learning new things – Sienna
  • Mini iPads are good to use because you don’t have to video and you won’t lose what you created – Natasha
  • It was good because you could do voice messages and take photos. It was a good place because there was a man talking and lots of good things to take photos of. It was good because we haven’t used mini iPads before and they trusted us not to break them – Jenny
  • I think Book Creator is good because you don’t just take photos of things, you describe them – Jake
  • It wasn’t just getting to learn about the museum, but we also got to learn about using iPad minis and Book Creator
  • This was a good learning opportunity for Middle S – Jacob
  • We were learning when Bernard was telling us information and we were learning about Aboriginal History – Natalia
  • We got to learn a new app which is good because we got to explore more and have more fun – Molly
  • It made it easier because I didn’t have to write – Riley
  • I liked the Book Creator because we were having fun, but at the same time we were practising photography – Jamie
  • It was good to use the app because it was easier to take pics of what we were learning, instead of writing it down – Adol

Here are the movies we made...


Friday, 18 July 2014

Term 3 and Australian History

After watching this video about the First Australians, these are some of our initial questions and discoveries about Australian History...

Why did the English Dance with the Aborigines? - Molly
A family got murdered for stealing a bag of potato. Did the Aboriginals use horses for trasnport? - Aerodyne
Why did the Aborigines cry and shout because Bennelong left? -Natalia
When the world was made was every country joined? - Jamie
The Aboriginals said ''take off your clothes'' to whoever came and was wearing clothes, because they didn't know if they were a boy or a girl - Jake
How many ships went to Australia? - Lachlan
I wonder what Sydney Cove looked like then - Cooper
How did Captain Cook know where Australia was? - Angelo
Who had the biggest impact in Australian history? - Riley
How was small pox introduced? - Ryan
How did Indigenous Australians live? - James
Why did Bennelong survive small pox and how? - Adol
Why were the Aborigines turned into stone? - Sienna
What was Australia like before the Englishmen discovered Australia? - Oscar
Why did the Englishmen execute the Aborigines? - Jacob
How many Aborigines got killed by the Englishmen and why did they go there? - Jenny
How did the Aborigines get small pox?-  Jack
Why did the Englishmen call Australia, "Australia"? - Natasha

Did you know about these events? Can you answer any of our questions? We'd love to hear from you!


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