Monday, 28 February 2011

Justice Crew – work together to share their talent

We watched a clip of Justice Crew on Australia’s Got Talent. We thought about what they do and their talents and we wrote a reflection...

It is incredible. It would be hard to remember all the moves and if you mucked up one you may not win Australia’s Got Talent – Amelia
When I see Justice Crew I think about Talents – Travis
I think they are cool because they dance very well – Jackson
I feel like they are sharing things with others – Maria
They did hip-hop. They are really famous and cool – James
Justice crew does hip-hop. Their talent is dancing – Seb
I think that they enjoy being famous – Will
It is impossible to dance like them – Angelo
They are working together and dancing. They are doing hip-hop and jumping – Jessica
I feel like they are sharing their talents – Riley
I think that the Justice Crew went through a lot of practice – Jacob
I think that they have put a lot of work into it – Lauren
The Justice Crew do break dancing and back flips. They won Australia’s Got Talent – Joe
I think they are good at dancing – Natalie
It looks good – Ava
I learnt that you have to work together – Jack
I thought that dancing would be their talent – Bassie.
Justice crew all worked together as a team and agreed. They really have a talent. One day I would really like to be a dancer like them. I think they would give really answers to our questions – Madeline
I think everyone could be one of the members of Justice Crew – Stephanie
Justice Crew is famous and they work together. When I saw them I thought about working together – Madison
It’s incredible how they change to different songs so quickly. I think they show their talents very well – Patrick
When I see Justice Crew I think about talents – Travis
Justice crew is good at dancing - Brandon
Justice Crew is cool. Wow! How do you do it? - Dylan

Monday, 21 February 2011

It's ok to be different

Today Senior FJ visited our class to share the books they wrote and illustrated, about differences. Here's what we thought/learnt:

I learnt that everyone can be different. If we had the same name it would be really confusing – Lauren
It doesn’t matter if you are different. Just feel like yourself. When you’re different it means you can be a different age or name – Madison
It doesn’t matter if you’re different because you can find other friends who are nice to play with – Riley
It doesn’t matter if you are different to other people – Jacob
If you are different you can be a boy or a girl – Ava
If everything was the same it would be boring – Natalie
Everyone can be different in their own way. Just because you’re different you can still like what your friends like. All over the world it doesn’t matter what we look because inside we are all the same
– Madeline
If you’re different to your friends you can still play with them – Patrick.
If you’re different it doesn’t mean you can’t play with anyone. If they do tease you, it doesn’t matter and you can still play – Amelia
It doesn’t matter who you are, because everyone is different – Brandon C
It doesn’t matter if you’re different to other people or do different stuff because if we were all the same life would be very boring – Will C

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Our Y-Charts

On Tuesday we were talking about friends and what a good friend looks like. Our class went outside and in groups we created Y-charts using chalk on the concrete. Here is a look at what we created...

Our Y Charts on PhotoPeach

Welcome to 2011!!!!

Welcome to the new class blog for Junior M in 2011.

I played mini golf when I went to the beach these holidays. I look forward to hearing what my students have been doing when we return in early February.
Ms M Scott

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

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