Monday, 21 February 2011

It's ok to be different

Today Senior FJ visited our class to share the books they wrote and illustrated, about differences. Here's what we thought/learnt:

I learnt that everyone can be different. If we had the same name it would be really confusing – Lauren
It doesn’t matter if you are different. Just feel like yourself. When you’re different it means you can be a different age or name – Madison
It doesn’t matter if you’re different because you can find other friends who are nice to play with – Riley
It doesn’t matter if you are different to other people – Jacob
If you are different you can be a boy or a girl – Ava
If everything was the same it would be boring – Natalie
Everyone can be different in their own way. Just because you’re different you can still like what your friends like. All over the world it doesn’t matter what we look because inside we are all the same
– Madeline
If you’re different to your friends you can still play with them – Patrick.
If you’re different it doesn’t mean you can’t play with anyone. If they do tease you, it doesn’t matter and you can still play – Amelia
It doesn’t matter who you are, because everyone is different – Brandon C
It doesn’t matter if you’re different to other people or do different stuff because if we were all the same life would be very boring – Will C


  1. Wow
    I loved reading about all the things you learned and I loved seeing the photos of the big kids sharing with you

    What a great day. Thanks for sharing

    Mrs Coffa

  2. I agree with Mrs Coffa. Your photos show how wonderful it is to share your learning with others. You all look so happy!
    It's great that we are all different - it makes life interesting.
    from Mrs Kennedy

  3. Seniors and Juniors learning and sharing together! I loved it- look forward to hearing about more wonderful times together.Isn't it amazing how much we can learn fromone another?

    Mrs Yore


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