Monday, 28 February 2011

Justice Crew – work together to share their talent

We watched a clip of Justice Crew on Australia’s Got Talent. We thought about what they do and their talents and we wrote a reflection...

It is incredible. It would be hard to remember all the moves and if you mucked up one you may not win Australia’s Got Talent – Amelia
When I see Justice Crew I think about Talents – Travis
I think they are cool because they dance very well – Jackson
I feel like they are sharing things with others – Maria
They did hip-hop. They are really famous and cool – James
Justice crew does hip-hop. Their talent is dancing – Seb
I think that they enjoy being famous – Will
It is impossible to dance like them – Angelo
They are working together and dancing. They are doing hip-hop and jumping – Jessica
I feel like they are sharing their talents – Riley
I think that the Justice Crew went through a lot of practice – Jacob
I think that they have put a lot of work into it – Lauren
The Justice Crew do break dancing and back flips. They won Australia’s Got Talent – Joe
I think they are good at dancing – Natalie
It looks good – Ava
I learnt that you have to work together – Jack
I thought that dancing would be their talent – Bassie.
Justice crew all worked together as a team and agreed. They really have a talent. One day I would really like to be a dancer like them. I think they would give really answers to our questions – Madeline
I think everyone could be one of the members of Justice Crew – Stephanie
Justice Crew is famous and they work together. When I saw them I thought about working together – Madison
It’s incredible how they change to different songs so quickly. I think they show their talents very well – Patrick
When I see Justice Crew I think about talents – Travis
Justice crew is good at dancing - Brandon
Justice Crew is cool. Wow! How do you do it? - Dylan


  1. Great work, Juniors. I couldn't help noticing Jack's great comment about working together! That's a good recipe for all of life isn't it? I'm looking forward to moreposts.

    Mrs Yore

  2. Justice Crew have many great talents. Sharing those talents and working together created a fantastic performance. I can't wait to see how you all work together to share your talents. Maybe you all can be the next 'Justice Crew'!
    Well done Junior M.
    from Mrs Swann and Prep S

  3. Dear Junior M,

    I really thought Justice Crew did a good job and I hope we get to make up our own act like theirs!

    Will C

  4. I agree Will. What sort of act or performance would you like to make?

    Ms Scott


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