Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Our Mini Orchard

This week some students in Middle S noticed something about the outside environment here at school.
We have lemons growing!
Our mini orchard that was planted last year is now bearing fruit. Thanks to the waterers and composters for noticing and taking the photo below.

I wonder which fruit tree will be next...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Concert at Whitefriars

Today the Middles ventured out to Whitefriars College in Donvale to watch many of their talented students perform a variety of music in their bands and choir. Below are Middle S' reflections and what they wanted to say to the Whitefriars students...

I thought that inviting us to the concert was really nice of you – Alex
It’s amazing how many instruments you have and I really like the bagpipes – Brandon C
Thank you! We were really lucky to go to a show with lots of instruments. It was very good – Grace
It was really cool how you set the whole show up. If I was a boy, I would really like to go there. If I had to choose a favourite I would choose the boys’ choir – Jamie
Thank you for inviting us and it was really nice of you to pay for it – Riley
Thank you very much for inviting us and the show was really epic. It must take a lot of practice. Plus I really loved the watches and the curtain monkey– Adam
I really enjoyed it and you have such great talents. It’s amazing to see how many different types of music you can play with different types of instruments – Madeline
I liked all the songs you played on your instruments and I think that you are very talented. I thought that the instruments you picked were very good. The drum-line was really nice because the drums and the bagpipes are my 2 favourite instruments. P.S. Why is, “Belong, Believe, Become” your motto? – Angus
I loved watching your concert as everyone tried really hard. How long does it take you to get perfect at playing and performing? What is the hardest instrument to play? – Rosie
I really liked the concert that you put on for us and my favourite was the drums, because I really want to learn how to play the drums one day – Natalie
Thank you for letting us come to your stage show. My favourite acts were the rock bands and the drums. Who was the curtain monkey? – Piers
I really liked the concert you put on and I think you are all very talented and confident – Ivy
I really liked the concert. Have you hear of the instrument the euphonium? – Mia
I really thought that you were very confident. How long have you been putting concerts on for? - Ruby
I thought it was really good and if I go to Whitefriars I would like to have a shot at playing an instrument - Jack
I thought it was really interesting and I loved the marching band. When I grow up I want to be a drummer - Kitty

Monday, 20 May 2013

Cross country & a clean up in the neighbourhood

On Friday the middles and seniors went to Wurundjeri Walk to practise cross country.
It was a very fun, but tiring day. Everyone had to do four laps of the park. Lots of parents were there and they kept cheering us on which helped us to keep running. Everyone did really well and tried their hardest. Ten girls and boys from each year level make it into the squad, but there are only 9 grade 4 boys.

On the way back to school, Will C made a comment about picking up rubbish, as this is a focus of our Inquiry this term. Our teacher found a bag with empty takeaway containers and then our audit 'snowballed' from there. We found a lot of rubbish on the way, which we put in the plastic bag and we also found a lot of stuff that is not good for the environment. We walked through another park on the way back and we found an old possum tail that sort of looked like a hairy poo! There were lots of full things, like barely eaten sandwiches and lots of bottles, which we know take 10,000 years to break down, but can be recycled.
Below is a photo of all the rubbish we collected. Some things we recycled at school and the rest we threw in the rubbish bin.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fractions and Decimals

This week the Middles are exploring fractions and decimals. We began by describing and drawing everything we know about these mathematical and spatial concepts. Then we created posters that showed fractions using paper folded into different parts.
What do you think about fractions and decimals? Do you use them in your everyday life? How?

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...