Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fractions and Decimals

This week the Middles are exploring fractions and decimals. We began by describing and drawing everything we know about these mathematical and spatial concepts. Then we created posters that showed fractions using paper folded into different parts.
What do you think about fractions and decimals? Do you use them in your everyday life? How?

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  1. Hi Middle S. It's funny how as an adult you think you have forgotten all the things that you learnt when you were at school but find them coming back to you as your own kids learn about them. I haven't thought about fractions for ages but realise that I work with them often. When I cook I am using cups, half a cup, quarter of a cup, half a teaspoon, tablespoon etc. When I do accounts for Ross' business I have to use decimals in rounding up numbers for an invoice. Also when I go shopping and want to work out how much money I will need or how much change I will get, I am often adding up numbers that have a decimal place in it. Even if you think about the football or netball, you play quarters and halves. Enjoy, Suzi


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