Friday, 29 April 2016

This week...

We have been enjoying Performing Arts because we have assignments and it makes class more fun because we have a goal. The assignment is we have a group and we have to pick an instrumental piece with no lyrics and we have to come up with a story-line, with acting miming or dancing. We can also use props and costumes. With the acting, miming or dancing we are not allowed to speak.
This week in Maths we have been adding and subtracting decimals. We have been doing independent work. I (Jacob) liked Maths because I didn’t know much about this topic (decimals). The year fives learnt how to subtract negative numbers. To do that you just have to flip the top number with the bottom number and then add a negative sign to the answer.
Also, this week, we created beautiful art. The style of art was Folk Art and gave us a chance to expand our minds and think creatively. We got to draw a picture of a landscape and then after drawing it we outlined it with fine liners. Then we coloured it in with pastels, water paints or pencils.

Ryan: This week we did lots of things, We did Folk art what was very relaxing because everyone was quite. Into school sports what was canceled because of the weather and I was really looking forward to it but last time some people weren't  playing by the Rules. This week we did independent Maths what was really fun because you could go at your own pace. This week was really fun and interesting.

Will b: This week we did a lot of stuff… my favorite thing was independent maths, I liked a lot because I wasn’t sitting at my desk listening to Ms Scott - I actually got to work 24/7!! This week in Performing Arts we had to pick a song. But the thing is… there is no good ones!! - This week was really fun I like it a lot and I hope independent maths is a recurring thing!!

Image result for mathsRiley.G- This week our class has tried a new learning strategy in maths. what we do is students get a google doc that the teacher shared and it has on what we are going to do that day and we work on it ourselves. I enjoy this new learning strategy because we can learn at our own pace. yesterday the art was great because  we did patterns and it looked awesome.Overall this week was amazing.

Natasha- This week we did folk art
for the first time but I didn’t really get it I was walking around the tables and got inspiration by the other art piece and I had a idea after all. First we drew a picture of a place after we went over with fineliner.
Finishing touch to colour it in you can chose pastels,watercolor paints or pencils.

Caoimhe : This week I enjoyed doing the folk art because we got to chose our on landscape and chose what we want to use to colour it in with.

Lachlan: This week i enjoyed doing decimals as well as independent maths because you can do it in your own time without waiting for others to finish it, I also enjoyed the physics data chart because you can write down what you know and also learn new things. We also did art which was around folk art and kind of landscape, and in performing arts we have an assignment where we have to choose a song without words and we have to make up a dance/story with it, I’m with Will P.   

Elisa : This week I have enjoyed Performing Arts because it is our second lesson working on our assignment. We got to choose our groups and a piece of music with no words. Our song that we chose was Fire on ice! In my group Alex, Ava, Bridie and I chose a storyline and we have already almost finished! I have really enjoyed this and at the end when we present it to the class we have all decided to wear costumes.

Will H: This week, I enjoyed doing performing arts, because the class got to do an assignment where we had to pick some instrumental music and come up with an act. which was really fun. What’s your favorite music?
Image result for music
Eva: This week I enjoyed working on the physics data chart with our partner, because we got to put photos on. I liked doing performing arts because we had a group mine is daisy, Vivienne and Akuac and got to choose our music and our dance. I liked doing art because we did folk art which is so cool! And an Anzac picture art. We have been learning how to add and subtract decimals.
Will. P: This week we have been doing tons of cool stuff like a very relaxing folk art, decimals, a performing arts assignment where we choose non lyrical music and choreograph a dance or storyline to it, then we had to play dodgeball in the hall instead of winter sports because it was heavily raining! But my favourite thing we did this week was the folk art. Aren’t we lucky!

Apr 29, 2016 2:38:05 PM.jpg
Alex: This week has been really exciting and hard to choose my favorite  thing but I have decided to pick  2 things. My first thing is about was the maths and surprisingly enough maths was one of my favorite thing all week I liked this week’s maths because it was independent and I thought it was fun because we could work at our own past this I feel was very enjoyable. I hope that we do this more and I hope that everyone enjoys this maths. Last week and this week we have been doing an assignment where we choose a group of minimum of 2 people and maximum of 4 people I chose to have 4 people I choose Bridie, Elisa and Ava then we were  to chose a  piece of music and we chose fire on ice then we chose our story line and we chose 3 princess of all the seasons I am Winter, Bridie it Autumn, Elisa it  spring and Ava is summer fighting to be the queen of seasons I looking forward to see what every else has done and presenting.

Ava: This week in Music we have been working on a music assignment where we had to choose a classical music piece with no words and with the acting we had to tell a story. In my group we had 4 people including me and the music that we chose was called fire and ice, the story that we were trying to tell was 4 princes’ that wanted a crown.

Vivienne: This week I have learnt to do subtracting and adding decimal numbers.It’s the same like normal adding and subtracting but with a decimal point and I will give an example.1.098+2.300=3.398
On Thursday everyday we do art and this week we have done folk tale art by using water paint,pastels and pencils.Folk tale art has patterns and colour to be colourful and creative.
Brandon.C - This week in maths we did adding and subtracting decimals and i thought it was really hard but it turned out to be easy. On  Friday we were going to do winter sports but it got cancelled because of the rain.

Daisy: I think this week was busy but fun! Winter sport was canceled but we played a really fun game of dodgeball. Mathematics was fun and I learnt about decimals and that decimals and fractions are related. In music, we have to find a piece of instrumental music without lyrics. So far we have had a great start to the term!    
Peter :-) This week our class have done lots of exciting things. Something that I particularly enjoyed was performing arts. We were asked to create a performance (in groups) using none of our vocals, only actions and music with no lyrics. I am working with Ryan, Riley and Jack. I can not wait to start rehearsing. I can’t wait to see what next week will bring…!
ANGUS: This week I enjoyed writing a book at home and I am excited to finish it. I enjoyed Decimals in maths but I still want to do BODMAS. I really want to know more about how people can remember everything in maths?It is INSANE But I enjoyed the week heaps.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Reflecting on our learning this week

Akuac- this week I liked the ANZAC Day ceremony. It was a warm day and I knew the story about the war. 

Jacob - this week we learnt how to divide and multiply fractions

Natasha- I enjoyed ANZAC Day because I loved seeing the wreaths and statues. We got the Australian flag because we were celebrating the Australian and New Zealand soldiers. I learnt how they fight and survived. We heard the last post, trumpet and a story about a nurse.

Will. B - This week was fun because during maths on Tuesday we got to play games (Fractions Games) And the next day (Wednesday) we went to the Box Hill RSL - They have a Ceremony for schools! - And Today we get to do the first game of the inter-school sports - I’m Doing Soccer Rounders!!

Bridie - This week was a busy week as we learnt many new things. In sport we played sideline basketball. In music we have our first assignment. We have to pick a piece of music without words and then create either a dance or a performance to the song. Alex, Elisa, Ava and I decided to do a dance and our theme is princesses fighting over who gets to be queen. This is going to be a lot of fun. This week we also went to an Anzac Ceremony at Box Hill with many other schools. We listened to many speeches and prayers about the brave soldiers who fought in WW1. Then we listened to the Ode and the Last Post. Today we have our first round of Winter Inter-school Sports against St Christopher's. We are so excited. In maths this week we have been learning how to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions. We found out that your times tables helps a lot when you are working with fractions. That is our very busy and exciting week!

Jasmine: I enjoyed Performing Arts this week because we had an assignment to do with Caoimhe, Siena and Natasha choose a piece of music then make up a story to it though we had to be silent. I am looking forward to creating it. I like this because I enjoy listening to music and also using my imagination. In maths we also revised using all the operations of fractions. For example when you divide fractions you turn the second one upside down then you times it and when you add them you make the denominator the same and add them together.

Elisa - This week I have enjoyed art which was about the Anzacs. Because we got to choose how we coloured in the picture and I used paint and textas.

Eva: This week I liked doing performing arts because we got to choose our group and our music. When we went to the Anzac day at the RSL, I enjoyed what they said and some of the things that they said I didn’t know.

Ryan: This week we were doing art. This week's art was based on the ANZAC Day to remember the people who were fighting for our country.

Will. P: This week we went to the Box Hill RSL for an ANZAC day ceremony. We also spent the week dividing, multiplying, subtracting and adding. We’ve all been very excited for the first match of the Winter Sports today, I’m on the volleystars team. For art Mrs I’s husband drew a picture which we coloured in with lots of different materials.

Vivienne- This week I have enjoyed going to the Box Hill RSL because it was talking about over the past about Anzac and World war 1.The war had began in Gallipoli. We also learnt how to do fractions and it wasn’t that hard when we listened and we were multiplying,dividing,subtraction and addition and here are the Senior S way to do dividing fractions. First you have the two fractions and flip over the second fraction.Then multiply it together.

Riley .G-  So far this term has been great because everything I have done I understood. This term art is has been great because we get to choose our art more.

Will H: This week, I’m looking forward to doing winter school sport, because we get our own singlets and we get to go to a local park

Caoimhe -This week I enjoyed performing arts because we had an assignment to choose a piece of music with no lyrics and create our own storyline to go with it. We all have partners and mine are Jasmine, Sienna and Natasha.   
Sienna- This week has been very busy. We’ve been doing fractions, art, Anzac Day Ceremony at Box Hill RSL, tweeting about the preps chickens, music assignments and finally Winter School Sports with St Christopher's. But one of my favourite things is art. This week in art we did Anzac drawings. What we did was we got an A4 piece of paper and it had a picture of a soldier, poppies, a star and the Union Jack. We got to do whatever we wanted with it so we could use pencils, textas, paint, pastels and  chalk pastels. I liked it because we got to colour it how ever we wanted. My other favourite thing is Winter School Sports because I have never done it before and I would like to see what it’s like.    

Maria- Today I’m very excited for winter sports because we get to play against other schools and we also get to improve our teamwork skills. Today we will be playing against St Christopher’s. I'm playing In the netball A team but we should really name it the year 6 girls netball team.

Alex- This week on Wednesday we went to Anzac day cathedral in Box Hill and listening to all of the people talk about the war and learning about the sacrifices people made for Australia. I was very interested in what people’s point of view on the war. On Thursday we do art and this week our art was on war related art to do with Anzac day I loved this art and I loved seeing what people came up with we were given a sheet of paper that had a soldier on it and the Union Jack on it and poppies you could color, paint, pastel or anything you liked. I enjoyed this art because it was creative and fun.
Jack P - This week we did fractions in maths and 4 types of operations ( add, subtract, divide and multiply. We also went to Box Hill RSL on Wednesday to an ANZAC day ceremony. There were 10 - 15 schools there and we listened to very special people there and we listened to them talk about World War I.

Peter: This week in only one lesson of maths, I learnt how to divide fractions, very quickly! Knowing multiplication facts has really helped me learn about fractions. Also, our school was lucky enough to visit the Box Hill RSL for an ANZAC Day reflection ceremony.

Jake L - This week I enjoyed Reading because I had to do a particular task about compound words, on Easter. I also liked going on a bus to Box Hill R.S.L  to listen about the people who fought in the war, or knew someone who fought in the war. On Thursday we learnt about fractions and decimals, it was very challenging for me but I think I was able to cope with it.

Lachlan B - What I enjoyed doing this week was Genius Hour and Sport Because in Genius Hour you can learn about a topic you're curious about and you can present it to the class so they can learn more and I enjoyed sport because I do what I love and I can learn new sports and how to play it.

Ava- This week it was Anzac day so in Art a teacher’s husband at our school drew a picture that he saw on Pinterest and he copied it but he made a few changes and he photocopied it for all the senior students and we coloured it in how ever we liked. I coloured it in with Texta for some parts and other parts with paint.

Daisy- This week has been very busy and fun. We went to the ANZAC day ceremony and did art fun art. I also liked math because we were doing fractions. I learnt to divide fractions,

Brandon.C - We went to the ANZAC ceremony to honor all the lives lost in WW1 and all the other people that fought in war.

ANGUS - I learnt more about Fractions and I finished reading goosebumps “You can’t scare me”. I also celebrated Anzac day with my school. We went to box hill to remember them.

Riley O - we did the four operations for fractions, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. I revised dividing and multiplying fractions - dividing is basically times and you just flip the second fraction then times the fractions.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Hexagonal Thinking and Physics

This week, the Senior students used Hexagonal Thinking to explore the common terms used in the study of the Physical Sciences. This is their first foray into exploring this field of science, this year. In groups of their choosing, they negotiated, discussed and agreed upon the links between the physics words and where they should be placed on the posters. Daisy remembered having a "don't know" section for unfamiliar vocabulary last term when we used this thinking strategy, so many groups included this too.
The words on the posters may be hard to see but if you click on the photos it may make them bigger/open them up.

Do you agree with how Senior S linked the words? What would you have done differently?

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...