Thursday, 19 October 2017

Coding with Bee bots, Ozobots, and Sphero balls.

Over the next 3 weeks the Middles will be exploring how to code and manipulate these mini robots to make them move where we want.

The Sphero balls were insane!!! I loved them, because they can move as fast as a click. Also you could put covers on them, to make them go fast or slow. I also used the Ozobots and I made my Ozobot Track, The graffiti S and the Halloween maze. It was really cool because the Ozobot followed the lines that you drew. It's a 5 Star Rating from me. - Declan
In I.C.T we played with some bee bots on the top of the bee bots the was keys which had  Forward, Backwards, Left and Right. My partner was Sophie and we made a course for the bee bot with sticky tape it was really fun. We had turns of making a course for the bee bot but sometimes I accidentally pressed Left when i was meant to go Right. It was very fun experience Everyone very much enjoyed it - Georgie 

Group 1 was with the beebots, group 2 was with the sphero balls, group 3 was with the ozobots.
I was with the beebots and you had to make a track and your partner had to make the bee bot go along the track. I noticed there were different ways to turn and it was hard to get it right - Josh

I did the Ozobots with Deco, Hamish and Alexa, Ozobots are small robots they just follow lines, each line has a colour code that makes it go fast or slow.  I think the Ozobots are really fun - Joel
Ryan and me did Ozobots and we had to draw lines. Mine went off track and there was no black line and the tornado was so cool and the was slow one went like a snail and I did it and there 1 min to get across a line. Victoria     

It was really fun because you get to work with a partner and do Ozo bots, Bee bots or Sphero balls. When doing the Ozobots I noticed you have to be careful about where you draw the black line on the paper. It can't be too close to the edge or the ozobot stops - Maddie W

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