Thursday, 7 February 2013


Today the Middles classes made their choice of students to be on the Student Representative Council. Each class voted for one grade 3 and one grade 4 to represent their year level, as well as the school.
:) Each person had to get in front of our class and give their speech. All the students delivered fantastic speeches that were very well prepared. The one's below belong to James and Jasmine, who were voted as the SRC reps for Middle S.
What would you include in an SRC speech?



  1. Hi Middle S
    Wow what a hard decision to choose just two people it sounded like a tough choice and congratulations to James and Jasmine.

    If I was writing a speech to campaign for the SRC I would include my interests and hobbies so the other students and teachers could get to know me better.

    James I think your reasons for wanting to be apart of the SRC were amazing. I know you and Jasmine are going to do an amazing job speaking and representing your class.

  2. Congratulations to James and Jasmine. This is such an important role and I'm sure you will both represent all the other Grade 3 and Grade 4 students very well by listening to and working with them to come up with some great ideas. Suzi

  3. Congratulation Jasmine and James on achieving the honour of being SRC representatives.I really like the open comments in your speeches. Next month we will be going to the city for the St Patrick's Day Mass in St Patrick's Cathedral and then to a concert in the Treasury Gardens! But you also have work to do! Enjoy the experience.

    Mrs Yore

  4. Hi Middle S,
    WOW! they were great speeches and they included a lot of positive comments.
    In my speech for SRC I would probably include my strengths and what type of things I would do for the school


  5. Hi Middle S
    Congratlations to James and Jasmine.
    I hope you will have and awesome time being SRC and i know that it is good because i was SRC last year its a heap lot of fun
    From GemmaL
    He is my Blogs link

  6. Hi middles ,
    Congradulations Jasmine and James you will be fantastic leaders.Aswell as Gemma i was an SRC to it is so much fun.

  7. Well done to James and Jazzy


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