Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Marvellous Maths

Middle S are flexing their Mathematics muscles this week by tackling the four operations and identifying them in worded problems. After un-packing the language of addition and subtraction, they applied the specific vocabulary to solving problems such as these:
- Anne bought an orange for $0.45 and a yoghurt for $1.20 at the school canteen. How much did she spend?
- Jason team kicked 32 goals during the game and Dean's team kicked 25 goals. How many goals did Jason's team win by?

Can you identify what operation (addition or subtraction) is being represented by each problem? 
Do you know any worded-problems you could share with Middle S?


  1. Ms Scott yesterday at my Cafe my customer Norm bought a coffee for $4.20 and paid me with a $5.00 note, how much change did I give Norm?

  2. Kim O'Connell22 February 2013 at 14:28

    *A cherry ripe bar costs $2.00. A bottle of water costs $1.50.
    How much will two cherry ripe bars and a bottle of water cost?

    *It took me 21 minutes to iron some school shirts.
    Each shirt took three minutes to iron.

    How many shirts did I iron?

    *Oscar earns $8 for every lawn that he mows.

    If Oscar mows 5 lawns, how much does he earn?

    1. Hi Kim, Thanks for taking the time to pose some questions for us.
      Here are our answers:
      7 shirts

    2. Kim O'Connell7 March 2013 at 10:10

      Great work Middle S.

  3. Hi Middle S,
    I love doing math a lot! When you are adding or subtracting with money it is a decimal so a way that might help you is rounding to the nearest or lowest ten! Also, the other day I was puttting some money in my caritas money box and I had a five dollar note and $1.45 this is a way I figured how much I put in; I plused the $5 and $1 together which = $6 and then added 45c which altogether =$6.45
    I hope you all enjoy your math!
    Hannah (Adam`s sister!)

  4. Hi Middle S,
    Math is my favourite subject! I really enjoy doing division. Here is a problem for you to solve.
    A man was walking down a street. He found two $2.00 coins and three 20 cent coins? This is a harder sum.
    I hope you can learn alot from your math!
    You can also have a look at my blog. Heres the blog link.


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