Friday, 21 September 2012

This Term...

Gemma – it was really fun because we got to learn about the Olympics and I’d never learnt about it before. We also got to run our own art and sport lessons.
Daniel – I thought it was really exciting how we got to learn about the Olympics because it’s new to me and I hadn’t really watched it that much, and because I could study diff countries.
Tessa – I really liked learning about the Olympics because I didn’t know about a lot of the sports and I’m interested in a particular sport, volleyball.
Ben – I learnt about diversity, which is when you have something different, like different countries
Amber – This term I really liked learning about the Olympics and cultural diversity. I learnt a lot and I liked working in a group.
Riley – I enjoyed leanring about the Olympics and cultural diversity, because it was something different and it was the first Olympics that I actually watched, because the first one for me was in Prep. I really enjoyed the subject.
Ciaran – I enjoyed learning about the Olympics, because it was a big change of topic and I learnt not just about the Olympics, but about the cultural diversity of other countries.
Georgia – I enjoyed learning about cultural diversity the most, because I had never thought about it and I enjoyed doing the Paralympics, because I know someone who’s in the Paralympics and I never really knew about it.
Nick – I thought that it was good to learn about the Olympics, because it was something I was really interested in and the first one I would have seen it was 2008 and I was in prep and I didn’t watch it. I hope that next term we have as much fun as we did this term.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Story writing

This week, we have been writing our short stories in the LAB. The published pieces will be on display in our classroom in time for our Celebration of Learning this week. Here we are editing and sharing our stories:
Slide show by Joe

Thursday, 6 September 2012

3D Olympians

Today Middle S used DAS modelling clay to make models of Olympians and Paralympians. Next week, after the figures have air-dried, we will paint and decorate them. We faced  some challenges during this Art lesson. What do you think they may have been?

Thanks to Gemma for taking the photos of her class and Joe and Gemma for making the slideshow.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Amber- I thought that it was really good to do things with play money and I liked that we took time being cashiers. I learnt how to make different amounts with different coins.

Stephanie – I thought it was a good idea to play shops because we got to practise how much money we need to give and how much money we had to give back. I learnt how to make bigger sums with money.

Gemma - I liked it because we got to do hands on learning and we got to be cashiers. We also got to pretend we were in the actual shopping centres and I also learnt more stuff about money and it was also really fun because we got to buy stuff and if they didn’t give you the right amount of money you got to tell them and some people made it up so they got more money

Daniel - I liked playing with the money because I learnt how to use the money wisely and when I was a cashier I got five times the money I had before and if I didn’t have a lot of money I shared with my friends and that really helped me.

MATT - I liked playing shops for maths it helped me understand money a little bit more.

LUKE - I liked using money especially change, because it helped me understand especially when I was being one of the shopkeepers

Ciaran – I really liked how a change in Maths topic, because we don’t usually do Money. I like adding up how many dollars and coins you have when you’re about to buy something. I think you have to use your money wisely.

Laura – I really liked doing the shops because it helped me know how much change to give and to add. I also thought it was really fun and it helped me learn

Pat – I really liked doing the shops, because you don’t just give them the right money, you can give them more and then they have to try and figure out the change to give back

Will – I thought doing the shops was pretty fun. It challenged me a bit when I didn’t have dollars just cents, so I had to work out how much I had using 5c, 10c etc.

Natasha – I liked the doing the shops because you can learn how much the money is, how much something is and how low something is

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

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