Friday, 21 September 2012

This Term...

Gemma – it was really fun because we got to learn about the Olympics and I’d never learnt about it before. We also got to run our own art and sport lessons.
Daniel – I thought it was really exciting how we got to learn about the Olympics because it’s new to me and I hadn’t really watched it that much, and because I could study diff countries.
Tessa – I really liked learning about the Olympics because I didn’t know about a lot of the sports and I’m interested in a particular sport, volleyball.
Ben – I learnt about diversity, which is when you have something different, like different countries
Amber – This term I really liked learning about the Olympics and cultural diversity. I learnt a lot and I liked working in a group.
Riley – I enjoyed leanring about the Olympics and cultural diversity, because it was something different and it was the first Olympics that I actually watched, because the first one for me was in Prep. I really enjoyed the subject.
Ciaran – I enjoyed learning about the Olympics, because it was a big change of topic and I learnt not just about the Olympics, but about the cultural diversity of other countries.
Georgia – I enjoyed learning about cultural diversity the most, because I had never thought about it and I enjoyed doing the Paralympics, because I know someone who’s in the Paralympics and I never really knew about it.
Nick – I thought that it was good to learn about the Olympics, because it was something I was really interested in and the first one I would have seen it was 2008 and I was in prep and I didn’t watch it. I hope that next term we have as much fun as we did this term.

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  1. Remember you are Grade 3 and 3/4 and 4 and 3/4!!! So heads down for Term 4. By the way...great comments!

    Mrs Yore


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