Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Some history of our school


In 1985 John Fulton moved next door to our school. John grew up with 9 siblings and his mum and dad. He takes care of our school doing important jobs such as mowing the grass or taking care of the office.
When John grew up he had 40 kids in his class.
His family used to go to church in the school hall because they didn't have the church to go to. John got the free bus to church with his family.
When he moved here he said that the shops were still here.
Also, John said that there used to be horses in the area, as he once found a horseshoe in his backyard (he brought it along to show us). There were also lemon trees and black berries.


  1. What a great idea to have John come in as a guest speaker. He must have seen many changes to the school and the area. He is a wonderful helper around our school. Did you discover many new things from John?
    Thanks for sharing your learning.

  2. How interesting all these facts are, and fascinating. to learn about the history of the school and church at the 50th Anniversary. Amelia came home from school and told me all about your visitor today!

  3. That was a great way to learn some history-both of our area and of school in the past. Have you ever heard the saying, "I heard it from the horse's mouth?" Ask Ms Scott what that means!

    Mrs Yore

  4. It is wonderful to see you using people in our Parish Community to share their memories about our Church and school.I hope that you thanked John for all of the work that he does around and our school.
    Do you know anyone else that could share stories about our school and Parish?
    Mrs David

  5. He said interesting things, because I was there.


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