Friday, 19 October 2012


Yesterday, we continued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our school, with a Mass, sausage sizzle and tree planting. We also invited all our grandparents to join us in our classroom and share our learning! So many of them joined us on this special day, where we were blessed with glorious weather! Here's a slideshow Middle S created that shows us with our grandparents


  1. Hi Middle S,

    What a week of celebrations with Sunshine to fill the day with warmth. Matts Nanny Colly loved Grandparents day catching up on what kids get up to in class and how diffenent class rooms are. It was great to see such a great turn out. Thanks to all the kids, teachers and St Lukes for making this day possible.
    "Nanny Colly"

  2. Dear Middle S,
    What a great way to celebrate the school and parish 50th Anniversary. I know Amber & Keira's grand parents had a great time. They also liked seeing how different school is now to when they went to school.
    Tim and I also enjoyed cooking and serving all the kids and grandparents their lunch.
    We hope there will be many more grandparents days.


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