Thursday, 25 April 2013


On Tuesday Middle S went to CERES. We learnt that it stands for "Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies". It's a place where people tell you about the environment. We went to three different areas. The first one was about water and how its being used. The second one was about energy. The last one was water bug catching. They were all really fun! - Madeline and Mia

These are some  of the things we learnt...
If you leave the tap dripping for a year, 15,000  litres or more could  be wasted - Ruby
I learnt that Moquito fish can live in any habbitat so you can find them anywhere - Angus
I learnt that you could be drinking the Queens water or someone else's - Mia
I learnt that clothes don't take as long as you think to disintegrate. I also learnt that there were ways to make moden houses without effecting the environment - James!!!
I learnt that C.E.R.E.S stands for Center for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies - Piers
I learnt that glass bottles take a very long time to break down- Jasmine
I learnt that 1 kilogram of beef is 15,000 litres of water- Alex
I learnt that when you have a shower you get a bucket and put it under the shower when you're setting the temp and you save tons of water. Last night I had a shower and I saved about seven litres of water. My mum said " I can put that in the garden and I wont have to water the garden in another week"- Jack
If a tap drips for one year it will fill up a whole water tank - Brandon
I learnt that one piece of rubbish can hurt lots of animals - Dylan 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Presenting our Learning about Celebrations

At the end of last term students from Middle S presented their questions and learning about the particular celebrations they had chosen to explore.
Some people chose to present their findings as posters, others as powerpoints. Students were guided through the expectations for presenting research in public, from publishing and editing their work in their own words, through to poster design and what would make their information interesting and easy to read.

Below are some student posters. The powerpoints have proved troublesome to upload, but I will continue to persevere...

When presenting your learning what things do YOU think are important to include or be aware of?

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

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