Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Our Final Blog Post

Goodbye from Junior M. We've had a great year this year. We've learnt a lot from each other and I bet I will never forget Junior M and Merry christmas and goodbye. I bet next year will be a great year too - Madeline
We've had a wonderful time this year at school. We are all happy that it's getting close to Christmas. Bye everyone! - Will
Thank parents for all the work you have done this year. We wouldn't have gone this far without you. I had a great 4 terms in junior M learning about talents, bugs, food and history. I heard from Mrs Swann that I'm going to learn about Australia next year. Bye junior m I will never forget how much fun we had this year - Jacob
Bye, bye - James
It's been a wonderful year with our teacher and now we have to go to our new year level - Madison
Bye - Seb
I hope next year is as good as this year - Lauren
It's been good this year because we've learnt so much - Dylan
I hope every teacher has a good Christmas. Bye - Ava
We've had a great four terms this year - Travis
I wish Ms Scott a good Christmas - Jessica
Thank you Ms Scott for a great year and Merry christmas- Patrick
My best friend was Patrick - Angelo
This year I learnt lots of things like everyone has a talent no matter who you are and where you are and if do not eat enough healthy food -Amelia
This year I have learnt lots of infomation about talents, bugs, food and history, but next year its going to get harder and I hope it doesn't get too hard - Stephanie
I learnt lots of things this year - Brandon
There was all kinds of things that I learnt this year - Jackson
I learnt so much.....but it's time to go!! - Jack
This year I have learnt how to be a better person - Joe
Thank you parents for coming and helping us out - Bassy

(Cue dramatic music) Dun, da dun, dun, dunnnnnn.....

Our Year by Junior M

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nativity Puppet Plays

Madeline – When you’re acting it out in practise it is a lot easier because we can think of ideas and make mistakes

Jacob – If you go last you can get ideas from other groups

Pat – It's much easier doing it with other people because you’ve got everyone to hold one doll, instead of you doing it yourself and having to hold heaps of dolls

Madison – it is easier to write down what you want to say and then you say it right

Will – I found out what it’s like to do a puppet play. Next time I want to have a piece of paper to tell me what to say so I say it better.

Stephanie – I learnt more about the nativity by my group, because some people know the end of the Nativity story

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Grandparents Morning

Last Friday, our grandparents joined us in the classroom, to share in and help us with our learning about history (or 'The Olden Days' as we call it!). It was a wonderful experience for all involved.
Jacob - I learnt that toys could have straw in them. I also learnt that cricket is a very old game.
Madeline - I learnt 4 things: toys can have straw in them, some buildings can be made of plaster, buildings were small because they didn't have many materials and some dolls were made out of plaster. Also, Lego is quite old
Angelo - I learnt that some houses were made of mud, hay and logs.
Seb - I learnt that boys wore a tie and a white shirt all the time
Riley - I learnt that boys used to get smacked with a leather strap, if they were naughty, because they though boys were tougher than girls. There were lots of old board games in the olden days
Jessica - I learnt that for dessert children would eat biscuits
Brandon - I learnt that my nonna had broken up biscuits
Travis - my grandmother told me how a horse and cart works (with a big whip)
Joe - You could go to the shops with one penny and buy a jar of broken biscuits
Pat - I learnt that my grandpa got chased around his backyard with a cricket bat when he was naughty
Ava - that in the olden days Lego people only had a face with a smile and eyes
Madison - Clothes were made out of felt. Also, I learnt that boys got smacked on the bottom and girls got smacked on the hand
Amelia - I learnt that many buildings that we still have were made a long time ago. There's a building in the city that's really small but really old.
Maria - I learnt that Romans used chariots to ride
Jack - I spoke to my nana about the olden days and she told me that she was born at home

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

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