Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nativity Puppet Plays

Madeline – When you’re acting it out in practise it is a lot easier because we can think of ideas and make mistakes

Jacob – If you go last you can get ideas from other groups

Pat – It's much easier doing it with other people because you’ve got everyone to hold one doll, instead of you doing it yourself and having to hold heaps of dolls

Madison – it is easier to write down what you want to say and then you say it right

Will – I found out what it’s like to do a puppet play. Next time I want to have a piece of paper to tell me what to say so I say it better.

Stephanie – I learnt more about the nativity by my group, because some people know the end of the Nativity story


  1. They are sensational Nativity plays Junior M. I love your clear voices. The puppets look great and you retold the story beautifully. Thankyou for sharing the Christmas message with us.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  2. Hello Junior M,

    I enjoyed watching your Nativity plays. The story of the Nativity reminds us of the real meaning of Christmas.

    I liked the comments made as well...
    Madeline - Very true, practise time allows us to try new ideas.
    Jacob - Going last does have its advantages. :)
    Pat - Many hands make light work is an old saying.
    Madison - Having a script (your words written down) is an excellent idea.
    Will - You also suggest a script. I can see your class is really thinking of how to improve plays.
    Stephanie - Nativity plays help us to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

    Thank you for sharing your plays. :)

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  3. Thank you Junior M for such a wonderful puppet re-enactment of the Nativity. Your puppets are fantastic! Well done.

  4. Dear Ross

    Thank you for replying to our reflections - Madeline
    Thanks for the smiling faces - Seb
    I think it was really cool how you responded to our reflections - Jacob

    From Junior M

  5. Kim O'Connell8 December 2011 at 16:13

    What a lovely way to explore the true meaning of Christmas. I loved your colourful puppets and your loud, clear voices. Great job Junior M.

  6. Wonderful Nativity plays Junior M. I liked the way you gave Jesus a kiss when he was born, just as Mary would have done, but you don't see it in many productions of the Nativity. After all Christmas is all about love! Spread the love this Christmas.
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)

  7. What lovely, colourful puppets and beautiful little puppet-plays - what fun to watch. I like the way you suggest your own improvements. Do you have a nativity play in school for parents to watch? We will be having a nativity play and a carol concert next week... it's a busy time of year!
    Mrs M @ A Room with a View


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