Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Our Final Blog Post

Goodbye from Junior M. We've had a great year this year. We've learnt a lot from each other and I bet I will never forget Junior M and Merry christmas and goodbye. I bet next year will be a great year too - Madeline
We've had a wonderful time this year at school. We are all happy that it's getting close to Christmas. Bye everyone! - Will
Thank parents for all the work you have done this year. We wouldn't have gone this far without you. I had a great 4 terms in junior M learning about talents, bugs, food and history. I heard from Mrs Swann that I'm going to learn about Australia next year. Bye junior m I will never forget how much fun we had this year - Jacob
Bye, bye - James
It's been a wonderful year with our teacher and now we have to go to our new year level - Madison
Bye - Seb
I hope next year is as good as this year - Lauren
It's been good this year because we've learnt so much - Dylan
I hope every teacher has a good Christmas. Bye - Ava
We've had a great four terms this year - Travis
I wish Ms Scott a good Christmas - Jessica
Thank you Ms Scott for a great year and Merry christmas- Patrick
My best friend was Patrick - Angelo
This year I learnt lots of things like everyone has a talent no matter who you are and where you are and if do not eat enough healthy food -Amelia
This year I have learnt lots of infomation about talents, bugs, food and history, but next year its going to get harder and I hope it doesn't get too hard - Stephanie
I learnt lots of things this year - Brandon
There was all kinds of things that I learnt this year - Jackson
I learnt so much.....but it's time to go!! - Jack
This year I have learnt how to be a better person - Joe
Thank you parents for coming and helping us out - Bassy

(Cue dramatic music) Dun, da dun, dun, dunnnnnn.....

Our Year by Junior M


  1. Thanks Ms.Scott for a fabulous year! Great video to end up. Happy Christmas. Looking forward to 2012! Barb

  2. Congratulations Junior M & Ms Scott

    I just watched the movie and browsed back over all your posts from earlier in the year. What a great memory of your year and it shows so much of your learning.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your holidays!

    Mrs Coffa

  3. It was great to see you grow so much! The teachers have been amazing. Thank Ms Scott

  4. Have a fabulous Christmas Junior M, you've all had some great learning experiences this year!! Can't wait to see how much you all grow over the holidays!!
    Enjoy and don't forget to give out a few free pizza massages for presies!!
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)


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