Literature Circle – Roles

Summariser: Your job is to prepare a summary of the reading. Don’t tell the whole story, just focus on the important parts. The other members of your group will be counting on you to give them a quick statement that tells about the story (the summary), and the key points.

Connector: Your job is to find connections between the book you are reading and the outside world. This means connecting what you read with your own life, to what happens at school or in the community, to similar events at other times and places, or to other people or problems. Once you have shared your connection to this section of the book, each member of your group will also relate their own connection to the book, although they may refer to a different passage. Describe the part in the book, and then explain your connection.

Travel Tracer: In a book where characters move around a lot and the scenes change frequently, it is important for everyone in your group to know where things are happening and how the setting may have changed. Even if the scenery doesn’t change much, the setting is still a very important part of the story. Your job is to track where the action takes place. Describe each setting in detail, either in words or with a picture map that you can show and discuss with your group. Be sure to give the page numbers.

Discussion Director: Your job is to write a list of questions that your group might want to discuss about this part of the book. The best questions will come from your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas about this section of the book. You also need to write your own answers to these questions.

Literary Luminary: Your job is to choose a paragraph or sentences from the book to discuss with your group. Your purpose is to help other students by spotlighting something interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling, or important from the text. You can read parts aloud yourself, or ask another group member to read them. Include your reasons for picking the paragraphs or sections you did. Please record the page number and paragraph.

Vocabulary Enricher: Your job is to look for a few important words in your reading. If you find words that are puzzling or unfamiliar, mark them down on this page while you are reading. Later, you can look them up in a dictionary and write down their definitions. You may also find words in the reading that are significant to the story. Mark these words too, and be ready to point them out to the group. When your circle meets, help members find and discuss the words.

ALL - Illustrator: Your job is to draw some kind of a picture related to what you read in your section. It can be a sketch, cartoon, diagram, or stick figure scene. It can be about something that you read, something that the reading reminded you about, or an element of the story (plot, character, setting).

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