Friday, 30 August 2013

Footy day!!

Sue deGennaro, the Illustrator

We got to do 3 drawings of characters from "Button Boy" - Adam
Sue told us about how long it takes her to draw a really good picture - Kitty
She told us that if you have done a drawing it's good to go back a few days later to improve on it - Jack
Until Sue came I thought I wasn't a good drawer but now I am a good drawer - Piers
It was really surprising how good she was at drawing and when I started drawing my pictures I thought I was getting better instantly, but now I've created a new way of drawing my characters - Ruby
I really enjoyed drawing the pictures because it had lots of detail and it was really interesting the way she did it - Jasmine
Sue deGennaro told us it takes 10 months to draw a book, so the whole time we're in school she is working on a book - Riley
Sue showed us how to draw people tilting or running to make them more interesting. When I started drawing I knew that my pictures were getting better - Jamie
Sue talked to us about when we visualise in our head what we're going to draw. When we draw it, it doesn't always become the reality of what we thought it would be. I think her pictures are good enough for what she thought in her head - Maddy
When I first saw Sue she looked like a really good illustrator and when she showed us the copies she was better than I thought she was. When she showed us how to draw the pictures I thought they'd turn out bad, but they turned out well - Alex

Friday, 23 August 2013

Australian Historical Figures Showcase

Today, Middle S had the pleasure of visiting the Seniors classes in the Discovery Centre. Only, when we got there we were greeted by, not the grade 5/6's, but many different people from Australian history. We learnt many new things by asking these people questions about themselves (questions' boxes was a great idea!). Here are some photos of people in Middle S who "know" these famous Australian people very well. 
Who would you most like to meet from Australian history?
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Book Week Parade

A few photos from Middle S in today's Book Week parade.
What do you think the theme of this year's parade was?

Monday, 19 August 2013

Grade 4's First Eucharist

When we walked into the church everyone looked at us. Then Father genuflected and we bowed and turned around - Mia
I wasn't making my first Eucharist, but I was in the choir but I think they all looked good and I hoped they enjoyed it all and the after party - Angus
Everyone was wearing special clothes because it was Eucharist - Travis
I thought that the parents and teachers had set everything up in a perfect way and I LOVED the cake- Adam
I thought everyone did a great job doing their readings and singing. I'm happy that I got friends come to my communion, although none of my family came to my communion because they were too far away. I thought that the parents did a great job making a breakfast (it had party food!:) ) - Will
Yesterday, it was a very special day for the Grade 4's. It was great to see everyone celebrating with their family. It was also great for all the people in the choir and the parish come to celebrate with us. It is definitely a day that we will all remember - Madeline
I wasn't making my first Eucharist,but I got to sing a lead with my sister and my sisters friend and Some of my friends sung with me - Natalie
I wasn't making my first Communion either, but I was also in the choir and I got to sing a lead and I thought that the grade 4's did really well getting the bread for the first time. I also thought that the fancy clothes were really cool. The girls dresses were really pretty and the boys clothes were awesome - Alex
Yesterday, I was not taking my first Eucharist or at choir, but I just want to wish the Grade Fours a Happy First Eucharist- Piers

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Guest Speaker paid us a visit

On Thursday, last week, Laura Anderson, a neuropsychologist came and spoke to all the grade 3/4's about emotional health. Laura brought a 3D model of the brain with her and many of our questions were about the physiology of the human brain.

Laura clearly explained to us why she wanted to become a psychologist and the many different ways she helps people through her work.
Even after she left we still had many questions for Laura, which she said we could email to her :)

Questions for Laura:
What is the common age to get problems with your brain?
Why do you like being a psychologist and why do you think the brain is cool?
What are some of the main problems that can happen with the brain?
Is crying good for your emotional health?
Do different psychologists work with you?
How do psychologists’ access brain links?
How do you keep your brain healthy?
How does the brain grow?
What is emotional health and does it involve your thoughts?
Do you live longer if you stay fit?
Do you live longer if you work on your emotional health?
What type of things do you do as a psychologist?
Do you stay healthier if you do sport?
Do you live longer if you’re sad or think negative thoughts?
What’s more important – physical or emotional health?

What sort of questions would you like to ask about psychology and the human brain?

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Endangered Animals Expo!

On Tuesday this week some Middles students put on an expo in our Discovery Centre to raise awareness about endangered animals. This came out of the students Inquiry into the environment and how they could help animals.
"When I got a break I went and found a few surprises that I hadn't been told about . I went into the Dugong part of the expo and saw a youtube video of Dugongs in hats. It was quite funny and raised awareness because it was fun". - Angus
"I thought that the whole expo was a great idea. All the people who did it made it a good way to learn." - Maddy

Area (Part 2)

We learnt how to measure the area of our pencil cases -Catriona
 I learnt that instead of covering my whole pencil case with unifix blocks I could measure the length and the width and then I multiplied the length and the width - Maddy
We got to do it in a fun way and not a boring way - Adam
I agree with Adam! - Piers


Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...