Monday, 19 August 2013

Grade 4's First Eucharist

When we walked into the church everyone looked at us. Then Father genuflected and we bowed and turned around - Mia
I wasn't making my first Eucharist, but I was in the choir but I think they all looked good and I hoped they enjoyed it all and the after party - Angus
Everyone was wearing special clothes because it was Eucharist - Travis
I thought that the parents and teachers had set everything up in a perfect way and I LOVED the cake- Adam
I thought everyone did a great job doing their readings and singing. I'm happy that I got friends come to my communion, although none of my family came to my communion because they were too far away. I thought that the parents did a great job making a breakfast (it had party food!:) ) - Will
Yesterday, it was a very special day for the Grade 4's. It was great to see everyone celebrating with their family. It was also great for all the people in the choir and the parish come to celebrate with us. It is definitely a day that we will all remember - Madeline
I wasn't making my first Eucharist,but I got to sing a lead with my sister and my sisters friend and Some of my friends sung with me - Natalie
I wasn't making my first Communion either, but I was also in the choir and I got to sing a lead and I thought that the grade 4's did really well getting the bread for the first time. I also thought that the fancy clothes were really cool. The girls dresses were really pretty and the boys clothes were awesome - Alex
Yesterday, I was not taking my first Eucharist or at choir, but I just want to wish the Grade Fours a Happy First Eucharist- Piers


  1. A lovely day for all involved. Congratulations on a very special celebration. You all did a fantastic job. Suzi

  2. Congratulations to all the students who celebrated their First Communion. It was a wonderful celebration and you were all beautiful prepared and were so reverent on the day.
    It is a very special time of your life and I hope that the joy you felt stays with you always.
    Thank you for sharing your reflections.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  3. It was a very special day for you all on Sunday, and you all participated in a very reflective way. The readings, singing, prayers and offertory procession, were done beautifully and prayerfully. It's a day I still remember well from my childhood, hopefully you will remember yours as well.
    May the Eucharist always be a part of your life.
    Mrs Bellesini :)


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