Friday, 31 March 2017

Reflecting on our First term together

Today Middle S reflected on their Inquiry learning this term and the Personal Learning Tasks they researched and presented in class this week.
Their reflections are below as well as some photos from term 1...

My reflection on researching and presenting on health and wellbeing this term. This includes my learning through the info report.
·    Yesterday everyone presented their PLT projects. Everyone did really well. Middle M came in to see our projects and we saw theirs and also other relatives from other families came and it was a very good expo for the year 3 and 4’s. It was good working with with a grade 3 because they can still teach you and you can teach them too. Everyone had a good expo. I did a project on Food and health with Victoria and we got 48 guests. We had a pretty good morning with the relatives and Middle M and then we saw their projects and they were pretty good. With my slide, I had Victoria as a partner. It was a good slide show and our topic was about Food and health and what we focused on was that how does food and health connected together and why does it connect. It was a hard slide show, because it had a lot of big words and we made the best out of it. Like I said, it was a hard project with some big hard words like metabolic processes, declines, fibre and definition. I had a good time with Victoria working together. It was good seeing other projects as well. They had a lot of information and hard words again. I had a good time at the expo with Middle M.
Today is the last day of the term. It was a very good first try with the year 3’s and a good first expo together. I saw all the projects that were done and I think the best project was Patrick and Tilly doing Sport fitness and healthy wellbeing. What they had was that they all focused on their questions and mentioned them in all their paragraphs. It was the best thing and we tried our best out of all of the projects and I thought that everyone did very well with all their projects together. I looked around the classroom and I saw everyone was having fun and I saw that people learnt more.
·     It was a really good expo, and everyone learnt a lot. It was a really good first PLT. It was the grade 3’s with the grade 4’s. It was a really good expo for the middles. Families came in and grandparents. Overall it was a very good expo. We did a PLT on sports and exercise. I did it with Tilly and she was a good partner. Tilly was not there on the day but I got a lot of guests. We did it on our chromebook in google slides. Our topics were focused on health and wellbeing. There was food and sports and exercise and more. We had a few weeks before we presented. My 1st question box got wrecked, my 2nd one was lost and my 3rd was used. I had 5 questions which were what are the benefits, what is the best diet for an athlete, what happens to my heart when I exercise, how important is my grip on the bat and that is all I can remember. On friday is the last day of term and we have a class party and we have a easter and carpark raffle. I put 12 tickets in the easter and 0 in the carpark raffle.
Today we are going to the church to learn more about the stations of the cross which is where Jesus carried the cross through the streets and got crucified on the cross. Today is the last day of the term and we have a 2 week holiday and I will be going to my nanna and grandads house. School will be back on Easter tuesday. School this term has been a good term. We have had Saint Patrick's day during this term and more. My sister's birthday was this week and she had a good birthday this year. All of the class would agree that this was a good term. We had a play of ANZAC dogs during this week and it was about the messenger dogs in the war who were Trick, Bullet and another one who I forgot their name. It was a interesting story about the war with an injured soldier and a 2D scene. It had explosions and sound effects and it was really cool. I enjoyed this term it was a really good term. We got a new flag and this class party is gonna be fun but next term will be a great term.
Yesterday we drew pics of the station of the cross. We have done a great job of the drawings of the station of the cross.
Yesterday both the Middle classes presented a PLT. The PLT was about health and wellbeing. My presentation was technology I did my presentation with Josh. Some parents even came to see the presentations. Everyone did an AWESOME job at the presentations, I hope we can present our presentations to the WHOLE class individually.
·    It was really exciting for everybody. Lots of parents came. There were lots of different projects. Everybody's presentation was really good.Some people had prizes if you got a question right. Lots of people came to ours - I was working with Celia and Joel. We were doing sleep. Maddie K was also doing sleep.
Maddie w
·   It was a really good first expo for the grade threes  and They did a great job. There was 13 groups. I  was with Caitlin and my rich question was: How does doing puzzles and building things help mentally?
On the day of the PLT expo families from the middles came to listen to our presentation about health and wellbeing.
My presentation was on sleep. After that our class went into the other middle classroom to listen to their presentations.

Earlier in the week for maths we did a grid for + & - number using a number sentence,Mabs,a story and a picture.

For art we finished off our royal art by pasting them onto a backing sheet of paper then we got to do free sketching off a computer.
Yesterday was PLT expo. I was really nervous, but my mum was there.
She was my first customer after that it was nathan and tara and other Middles students.
On Wednesday we had an expo! My partner was Daniel. Our project was Technology. It was so fun. I learnt about technology and I learnt about myself and how I can help a grade three child. After all we did pretty good.
Today is the end of school and term. We are having are having a sugar-free party. People have brought Chips, popcorn, fruit and other things. I can’t wait until term 2.  
On Wednesday we presented our first PLTs for the year. The grade threes did really well for the first time. I worked with Inti for my PLT. We presented on a google slide. We had a question for people to ask us question. I liked presenting to the parents and middle M but after a while, I get tired of saying it so much.  The grade 3’s worked with the grade 4’s.  
I’m really looking forward to our next PLT later on in the year!
On wednesday we had our EXPO and i think that every-one did a fantastic job and we all did a great job at researching and lots of fun stuff happens in the EXPO. lots of parents were there and it has taken us all a long time to research. my topic was being with people!
On friday we are having a sugar-free party! It is the end of the TERM and it is almost Easter!
For the past term my class has been working on projects about health and wellbeing. My partner and I researched how solving puzzles and building things help us mentally. It was lots of fun getting to work with the grade three’s. While I wasn’t at the expo it was a lot of fun to research. Also it is the last week of school so part of your projects the class gets a sugar free party first I wasn’t sure it was going to work because we got told kind of late but it all worked out.              
This week we did a  presentation. I did a presentation also known as a PLT with Nicholas. Our subject that we did was health and wellbeing with pets. It’s also the last week of the term so on friday we’re having a party, the party food is all sugar free! I brought grapes and lots of people brought popcorn and some people brought fruit sticks.
At home on Wednesday afternoon me and my family except for dad watched fantastic beasts and where to find them. It was fantastical. Yayyyyyyyyy! In the movie fantastic beasts and where to find them my favorite beast is a little mole like figure with a pink platypus bill it has a pouch and it loves anything shiny. It also gets into a lot of trouble!
Yesterday we had really fun presenting to the parents and to middle M, after we went to watch middle M. It was really fun to present and to watch. I reckon everyone did a fantastic job and my partner is Georgie. We got 17 guests.  Me and Georgies PLT topic is outdoors. For inquiry our topic is how do we keep ourselves safe and healthy.
Yesterday we had a middles expo for our PLT projects and we showed our projects to other people's parents. It was fun showing my learning and I was a little scared before but it turned out well. I presented (health and things that make you healthy. I really enjoyed showing my project. This term we were learning about health for our inquiry so we did projects and it was very hard because I was all by myself with no partner but everyone else had partners. The reason I had no partner because I was on a two week holiday.)  
On wednesday the middles did an expo, the parents came over in our classroom to look at our wonderful presentations that we did. It was on sleep with Celia, Oscar and I this is what I did                      It was a very good and exciting expo because it was our first expo for the year and it was the funnest I have ever have in my expo ever.                                                               
Yesterday the middles had their first expo of the year. we were all excited.  We did it with partners.
My partner was Frances.
Yesterday we had an PLT expo. My partner was Emma and our project was about the Outdoors. It was really fun! We had seventeen people come to our presentation. We had a question box and when you left you would get a sticker. We kept all of the names in a document it was really cool and a great first PLT for the grade three’s. It was very exciting and I am happy to do it again. After we presented ours we went into Middle M’s classroom I went to Stella and Vanessa there’s was about pets. In one of their slides it was about how pets love you no matter what even if you smell awful or if you look different they love you. I really liked that presentation. But all of Middle M’s was great it was the best expo I ever went to.  
Yesterday middle s had a class expo on health and wellbeing. I think it went really good and everyone did a good job.   Me and Maddie did sleep it was a really good presentation we had 29 people to see our project and they liked it.
Yesterday we did a expo  and some parents came in and then middle m came in and then we came into theirs. it was really good and I saw James and Anouk and Josh’s and Eva and Teagan and Max.
On Wednesday the middles did their plt. Middle M came and saw ours then we saw theirs. Families came and saw us.
On Wednesday the middles did an expo. The parents learned a lot of  interesting facts.
On Wednesday we had a PLT presentation and everyone did well. Everyone had a partner and my partner was Ryan after some parents came in to see some presentations first no one came to ours after lots of people came to me and Ryan's. Our topic was creativity and playing. After the middles from the other classroom came in  as well after they went in their classroom to show us their PLT’s.   
Yesterday we presented our PLT projects mine was sleep with Simon and some mums and dads and some grandparents came too. Not so much people came to our group there was to groups of sleep and the other group was Celia,Joel and Oscar.
Middle M came in to our class to see our PLT To. After we were finish we saw Middle M PLT. Everyone was so good.
Celia .A
Yesterday we presented our PLT projects mine was sleep with Joel ,Oscar and some parents and other relatives came to the presentation. Our group was a big crowd  of people because we had prizes. After we went to middle M and saw their PLT projects. I saw Eva and Josh S, Tegan and Max L ,Vanessa and Stella.They were really good.It was really fun.There were two groups that did sleep. Georgie and Emma gave out stickers so they had a big group who were crowding them as well.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Only 3 days at school but we packed a lot in!

Class blog post week 7 - GRADE 3’s reflections
Reflection on what you have learnt and how you learnt it
This week, Lily (my puppy) got a infection. She was really brave.
My week was fun. We did maths with partners from Senior IG. We learnt the jump and split strategy. We did scratch with a grade 4 partner and my project was called Daniel’s race. It is a race with a witch and a hunter. We did art with Monica Adams (Celia's Aunty). She is a artist and we did self portrait of ourselves. We did Italian which we made our own carnival mask out of paper.
This week we did maths with the seniors and I did split strategy and my partners was Natalia And Vivienne.We did some hard sums like 554+660 =1214 it was really fun and also today we are celebrating St Patrick's day and we celebrated it by having a stall and this year we had cupcakes, cookies, jelly, Anzac slice, cordial, and lolly bags.
We did art with my aunty Monica Adams and we learned how to draw a self portrait. There was the biggest difference between our self portraits we did before and what we did with monica because she taught
Today is St Patrick day and love to do everything. This morning we went to mass. After that we had play time and I
Today is Saint Patrick's day. And we went to church I learned how to genuflect.
This week we did maths with the Senior IG.  I was with Ben and Will. We did the jump strategy. It was very fun. On St Patrick's day we went mass
This week Middle S did drawing of us and it was a little bit hard to draw
And today it is also st.Patrick day and I had a lots of food
Last week we did maths with senior IG and I was with Zac and Raff and
This week Monica {a famous artist} and the Middles did some self portraits. I learnt how to draw a lot better than before and my portrait is looking a lot happier! This week. I have also been in Senior IG and learnt the jump strategy with Keira and Akuac. And today is St.Patrick’s day  we all wear green and eat green food.  Today we are going to do my favorite subject genius hour!
We also had mass and it was for about 36 mins!
This week it’s been a bit odd, because it was a long weekend so we only had 3 days of school. In those 3 days, we have done: x 2 Italian, maths with Senior IG
and St Pat’s day. On St Patrick's day we wore green, there was a sausage
sizzle and the best thing is that it was Friday that meant we are going to do
Genius hour. I love genius hour. We also did art with Monica adams (a famous artist) which was great!
Madeleine K
This week we have St Patrick's day and you do not wear your school uniform, you  wear green and you do not have a lunch order you bring your money for a sausage sizzle.
This week where did St Patrick day I’m so excited it’s a  really good day. We have to wear green. We have really yummy stuff.
Maddie W
This week we have had lots of stuff. On mon and tues we had both days off. On wed we had library and I picked Dolphin  Diaries.
This week Middle S did a lot of stuff! First we practised for inter school sports!
Then we got taught how to draw a self portrait of yourself.

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