Friday, 17 March 2017

Only 3 days at school but we packed a lot in!

Class blog post week 7 - GRADE 3’s reflections
Reflection on what you have learnt and how you learnt it
This week, Lily (my puppy) got a infection. She was really brave.
My week was fun. We did maths with partners from Senior IG. We learnt the jump and split strategy. We did scratch with a grade 4 partner and my project was called Daniel’s race. It is a race with a witch and a hunter. We did art with Monica Adams (Celia's Aunty). She is a artist and we did self portrait of ourselves. We did Italian which we made our own carnival mask out of paper.
This week we did maths with the seniors and I did split strategy and my partners was Natalia And Vivienne.We did some hard sums like 554+660 =1214 it was really fun and also today we are celebrating St Patrick's day and we celebrated it by having a stall and this year we had cupcakes, cookies, jelly, Anzac slice, cordial, and lolly bags.
We did art with my aunty Monica Adams and we learned how to draw a self portrait. There was the biggest difference between our self portraits we did before and what we did with monica because she taught
Today is St Patrick day and love to do everything. This morning we went to mass. After that we had play time and I
Today is Saint Patrick's day. And we went to church I learned how to genuflect.
This week we did maths with the Senior IG.  I was with Ben and Will. We did the jump strategy. It was very fun. On St Patrick's day we went mass
This week Middle S did drawing of us and it was a little bit hard to draw
And today it is also st.Patrick day and I had a lots of food
Last week we did maths with senior IG and I was with Zac and Raff and
This week Monica {a famous artist} and the Middles did some self portraits. I learnt how to draw a lot better than before and my portrait is looking a lot happier! This week. I have also been in Senior IG and learnt the jump strategy with Keira and Akuac. And today is St.Patrick’s day  we all wear green and eat green food.  Today we are going to do my favorite subject genius hour!
We also had mass and it was for about 36 mins!
This week it’s been a bit odd, because it was a long weekend so we only had 3 days of school. In those 3 days, we have done: x 2 Italian, maths with Senior IG
and St Pat’s day. On St Patrick's day we wore green, there was a sausage
sizzle and the best thing is that it was Friday that meant we are going to do
Genius hour. I love genius hour. We also did art with Monica adams (a famous artist) which was great!
Madeleine K
This week we have St Patrick's day and you do not wear your school uniform, you  wear green and you do not have a lunch order you bring your money for a sausage sizzle.
This week where did St Patrick day I’m so excited it’s a  really good day. We have to wear green. We have really yummy stuff.
Maddie W
This week we have had lots of stuff. On mon and tues we had both days off. On wed we had library and I picked Dolphin  Diaries.
This week Middle S did a lot of stuff! First we practised for inter school sports!
Then we got taught how to draw a self portrait of yourself.

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