Friday, 10 March 2017

Why I like School - our responses to the Prep blog

Last week the Preps made a their first blog post for the year. We responded to the Preps question, "Why do you like school?"
This is why Middle S likes school...

Caitlin - all the friends you make
Rosie - Learning new things like how to solve problems in Maths
Miles -  I like meeting new friends and socialising with my friends
Inti - I like doing art
Scarlett - I like having fun and meeting new teachers I haven't been taught by before
Declan - I like school because it's fun education
Patrick - we can learn more about subjects we don't know about
Josh - Seeing you friends every day
Oscar - You can play with your friends
Maddie W - I like art because you can be creative
Victoria - doing science
Georgie - I like doing sports
Chantelle - I like going to church
Tilly - I like it when it's sports night and I like using the chromebooks for searching up new things
Sophie - I like recess and lunch and genius hour (we choose a topic, we research it and we have to answer a rich question)
Eve - I like meeting new people when the Preps come in
Daniel - I like playing on the playground
Maddie K - I like talking to my friends at lunch and recess
Nick - I like doing maths

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