Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Balanced Reflection on Inter-School Sports.

I liked today because in the tunnel ball and shuttle relay, we really worked as a team - Natalie
I thought it was really fun competing in circular relay and winning my shot put with 8m38cm - Cooper T
I thought it was boring waiting for my event, but when you got to do shuttle relay and tunnel ball it wasn’t boring because I got to do something - James
It was really fun, even though I was in one event. The one event (800 m) was really fun but the rest of the day was quite exciting, cheering for my school - Tom
It was a bit boring waiting round but when I got to do tunnel it was really fun - Tully
It was a very fun day, with the relays at the end - we won 3 out 6 races in that event. We were the division 2, which is pretty good coming first , two years in a row - Pat
I thought it was great and fun, because everybody got to do the events they wanted - Jess
It was really good, except in between events it was a bit boring. The exciting parts were when we got to an event and we won - Lachlan
I had lots of fun, because I got to do high jump and shuttle relay and it was good that we won - Will It was really interesting watching all the events and especially watching people cheer for them - Ava G

Friday, 13 March 2015

Picasso Art

Nat - I absolutely loved drawing weird faces in different ways, with different colours
Jenny - I enjoyed it because I drew a sad face with a happy face on the other side
Madi - I liked it because you got to go wild
Lochie - I liked it because you didn't what they would look like, like if they were sad and you didn't notice because of other details on the face
Cooper T - They were fun to make because it was hard at the start to draw eyes on the side and to draw with pastels but at the end it seemed like it had been easy
Ava M - I liked it because you can draw things from your imagination

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Our Term 3 Learning about Australian History

Name Reflection on the learning of history this term and our presentations today Tara This morning in Middle S ...