Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Balanced Reflection on Inter-School Sports.

I liked today because in the tunnel ball and shuttle relay, we really worked as a team - Natalie
I thought it was really fun competing in circular relay and winning my shot put with 8m38cm - Cooper T
I thought it was boring waiting for my event, but when you got to do shuttle relay and tunnel ball it wasn’t boring because I got to do something - James
It was really fun, even though I was in one event. The one event (800 m) was really fun but the rest of the day was quite exciting, cheering for my school - Tom
It was a bit boring waiting round but when I got to do tunnel it was really fun - Tully
It was a very fun day, with the relays at the end - we won 3 out 6 races in that event. We were the division 2, which is pretty good coming first , two years in a row - Pat
I thought it was great and fun, because everybody got to do the events they wanted - Jess
It was really good, except in between events it was a bit boring. The exciting parts were when we got to an event and we won - Lachlan
I had lots of fun, because I got to do high jump and shuttle relay and it was good that we won - Will It was really interesting watching all the events and especially watching people cheer for them - Ava G

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