Friday, 30 August 2013

Sue deGennaro, the Illustrator

We got to do 3 drawings of characters from "Button Boy" - Adam
Sue told us about how long it takes her to draw a really good picture - Kitty
She told us that if you have done a drawing it's good to go back a few days later to improve on it - Jack
Until Sue came I thought I wasn't a good drawer but now I am a good drawer - Piers
It was really surprising how good she was at drawing and when I started drawing my pictures I thought I was getting better instantly, but now I've created a new way of drawing my characters - Ruby
I really enjoyed drawing the pictures because it had lots of detail and it was really interesting the way she did it - Jasmine
Sue deGennaro told us it takes 10 months to draw a book, so the whole time we're in school she is working on a book - Riley
Sue showed us how to draw people tilting or running to make them more interesting. When I started drawing I knew that my pictures were getting better - Jamie
Sue talked to us about when we visualise in our head what we're going to draw. When we draw it, it doesn't always become the reality of what we thought it would be. I think her pictures are good enough for what she thought in her head - Maddy
When I first saw Sue she looked like a really good illustrator and when she showed us the copies she was better than I thought she was. When she showed us how to draw the pictures I thought they'd turn out bad, but they turned out well - Alex

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