Sunday, 14 April 2013

Presenting our Learning about Celebrations

At the end of last term students from Middle S presented their questions and learning about the particular celebrations they had chosen to explore.
Some people chose to present their findings as posters, others as powerpoints. Students were guided through the expectations for presenting research in public, from publishing and editing their work in their own words, through to poster design and what would make their information interesting and easy to read.

Below are some student posters. The powerpoints have proved troublesome to upload, but I will continue to persevere...

When presenting your learning what things do YOU think are important to include or be aware of?


  1. A very interesting collection of posters, bright,colourful and informative. Beautiful presentaion on the Anzac poster..and excellent referencing to other websites, thus enabling the audience to further their learning. Just going to visit some of these sites now!

  2. Hello Middles!
    It sounds like you have been very busy making all these spectacular posters about what you have learnt! I think for presenting, you need a catch, bright, big heading that everyone can read and great information! Also, having a loud, clear voice is great to use; as well as maybe cue cards. A tip- do something that will really surprise the audience like- a TV show or a movie!
    Hope all your presentations go well and have fun!

    Mother Nature! (Hannah, SG)

  3. They are all so informing! I learn't so much new things! I thought they were all great!

  4. Wow it really looks like a lot of time and effort went into these. I imagine this was a very interesting topic to learn about - what other people celebrate as well as what you celebrate. I think that when presenting you would need to explain what your topic is, where you found your information, answer why, when and how - why do people celebrate this, when do they celebrate this and how do they celebrate this. It is always important to ensure that your facts are correct - perhaps you should double check information you find on websites. I think it is also really important if you are presenting on a poster to not have too much information - less is more! Also make sure it is clear enough for people to read. If presenting to a group, you should make sure you have a loud and clear voice so that everyone can hear and understand you. I wish we did more of this sort of thing when I was at school! Well done on your hard work Middle S. Suzi (Madeline's mum)


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