Monday, 29 October 2012


On Friday Ben, Luke & Riley ran a really tight basketball clinic for Middle S. They had three rotations of drills that targeted specific skills required to play basketball in a team, followed by a short game of half court (the class was split into 4 teams).


  1. Looks like a great clinic, some great technique being shown.

  2. Well done M/S! Luke,Riley and Ben what an awsome display, looks like plenty of defending and goals by the class along with dribbling skills. Great to see the whole class involved in such a hands on task. Whats next Middle S.
    More please!!! Trudi G

  3. Basketball is my favourite sport to play, have played since I was in about grade 3, I was 8 when I began! Glad to see some familiar drills and skills being taught, and loved hearing the Globetrotters music- I saw them live many years ago- they are so talented. Maybe someone from our school will one day play for the NBA because you have inspired them??????
    Great job Luke, Riley and Ben
    From Mrs Bellesini

  4. Well done Luke, Riley and Ben. Great idea to run a basketball clinic. Was it hard to get such a big group organised? Looks like everyone was having fun, and I bet everyone loved learning the drills. I can see that you would have had to put in a lot of effort in preparing and executing the lesson. Well done.


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