Friday, 1 February 2013

A New Start for Middle S

On Friday it was our first day of school in Middle S. I was really excited to see my sisters at playtime because now we're all at the same school - Angus
In the morning I was thinking, "yay', I'm in Middle S. I wasn't the only one who was excited. My sister, Caitlin started Prep today - Madeline
It felt like a normal day for me - Adam
I like finishing a year, becasue you get to see yourself in a new class and you get to see the new little Preppies. My sister is in grade 6, so she was as excited as anyone should be being in the head of the school  - Natalie
I like to finish a year because then I get to be in a higher grade - James
I love moving into a new class because you get to have new people in your class and a new teacher - Jasmine
I like being in a new class because you make more friends - Alex
In the morning I felt a bit nervous but now I'm feeling more confident. Today it's my big sister's first day of her last year at primary School and my little sister's first day of Prep - Catriona
When I first got into class I was a bit nervous and then when I saw my friends come in I was fine - Ruby
I loved to make new friends every year and make new things and step up to a different grade - Rosie
This morning I was nervous and excited then when the day went on I got more confident. I like having different teachers so you can learn more about what they do in the classroom - Jamie
When I first walked in I felt strange, but then I felt more comfortable - Piers
I had a good day and I feel older now that I'm in grade 3 - Jack
When I walked into the classroom I felt happy that I was in a new year and that I had at least one friend - Riley


  1. Hi Middle S,
    I enjoyed reading your reflections about your first day. It was pleasing to hear that you were excited and couldn't wait to see your friends.
    Mrs David

  2. Hello Middle S,

    It's funny seeing some of you on the "other side" of the school...suddenly you look so mature! Looking forward to more news in the future.

    Mrs Yore


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