Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Maths side of Literacy and Numeracy Week

Madi - In maths we have been learning about BODMAS. Which means the order you solve the maths sum: Brackets (Parentheses), Orders (Indices), Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. We listened to a weird song about BODMAS, played BODMAS games and tried our own examples of the right way to solve a sum. (3x4) + (16+15) - 14= ?
In this sum start with the brackets, then add the answers from the brackets together and finally subtract 14 from the number. Your answer should be 29.

AvaM - In maths we have been learning about BODMAS and I learnt that Brackets are parentheses and what to solve first in a problem this is a problem that you would use bodmas 5+6+(5x5)-4/1 First you add the brackets so 5x5=25 and then 5+6=11 so you + 25 with 11 which = 36 then 4/1=4 so you - 36 from 4 which =32 so the answer = 32
Jessica -This week in math we learnt about Bodmas and Order Of Operation, we do the Brackets first, then Order,Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. We watched some videos and one is a song about Bodmas, and we solved sums for example: 6x5+7-5-(2+4)=26    
We played games about Bodmas. My favourite is the millionaire game, where you have to answer a Bodmas question and if you get it right you get money if you get it wrong you lose money. It was pretty easy.

Jenny - Bodmas stands for brackets, order, Division, multiplication, addition, subtraction. Bodmas can have as many numbers as you want but we normally use five so it is easier to do. At the start it is normally a bit hard but when you get used to it it really is not that hard.

Natalie - this week we have been learning about BODMAS and what it stands for. BODMAS stands for.
Before this week I didn’t know what BODMAS meant or stood for, but now I do.

Jackson - This week we’ve been learning about BODMAS and Algebra. It’s been really interesting and fun to do. My favourite thing was when we listened to the BODMAS song because it was really funny and cool. We learnt that BODMAS stands for Brackets First, Operations, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. Algebra is all about letters being used in Maths to replace the answers. This was a really fun week and was a great learning experience.

Piers - In maths this week we have been doing bodmas, algebra and we have been listening to bodmas songs. I have personally learnt a lot about algebra and found out it is pretty easy but Bodmas is hard for me to understand. The funniest thing of the week has to be the games that we played like millionaire and a basketball game.

Zac - This week we have been learning about B.O.D.M.A.S and Algebra. I learnt about B.O.D.M.A.S and what it stands for and how to do it. It was a good learning experience and I had a lot of fun learning. I also learnt about Algebra and I found it very interesting how the letters can be the same as numbers.

Cooper T - This week in maths we have been learning about B.O.D.M.A.S , This stands for:
  • brackets
  • Orders
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
We got to listen to a song about b.o.d.m.a.s (it was really boring), it said each word (brackets, orders, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction)

Lochie - In maths we have been learning about BODMAS. Which stands for brackets, order, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction.

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  1. Thanks for writing this awesome post about Numeracy.
    You certainly have a very good understanding of BODMAS. It is wonderful that you are sharing your learning with everyone and explaining the rules of Order of Operations when solving a difficult equation.
    Great work SeniorS.
    Mrs Verona Gridley :)


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