Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Our initial reflections about learning Science this term:
  • It looks like it will be fun, because it is an advanced subject - Tom
  • I thinks it’s going to be challenging and fun and I would like to do more chemistry – Natalia
  • In science I really want to learn gravity and I think it will be fun – Piers
  • I thinks it going to be fun and since we have done it in other classes we haven’t learnt about all of it – Madison
  • I want to learn about chemistry and I want to blow things up – Patrick
  • I would like to learn more about biology and the tree kangaroo – Jenny
  • I would like to learn about energy – Tully
  • I would like to learn about all four branches of science – Jackson
  • I would like to learn about chemistry because it is a cool branch of science – Cooper. T
  • I want to learn about chemistry. I like learning about how things react – Natalie

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