Friday, 6 February 2015

Our CyberSafety Tool box


Team: The padlock means that the internet and different social websites are not always locked somebody can always hack in and steal all your personal details

LESSON: don't sign up for websites that need all your personal details

Permanent Marker
Team : Once you have written something it can not go off the internet it will stay on the internet. The permanent marker represents what you say on your social stuff.(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube and Kik)
LESSON: Be wise on what you say on the internet.
Toothpaste is really easy to get out of a tube.  Squeeze it and it comes flowing out.  Have you ever tried to put it back in?  Not easy is it?
The toothpaste represents information you put on the internet, it is easy to put it there but very hard to get it back.
LESSON : Be careful what information you post online
Team :
Wash it away, get rid of what you don’t want on the internet.

Team :
To write something in permanent marker so you can’t remove it.
Also keeping a diary and not sharing your secrets and personal information.
LESSON: Not writing what you shouldn't because you will regret it.
Smiley Balloons
Team : Maybe we can stop cyber bullying and be friends in chat rooms and right only appropriate things. don’t tease  people online. Be happy to each other online.
Only be nice and stand up.
LESSON: Be nice and don’t cyber bully.  :D
Sheet of Paper - scrunched
Team : the flat paper is your details but when it is scrunched it is not as easy to flaten the paper
Photo of
Team : Only put online what you would be okay with your grandma seeing.

LESSON: You must only post appropriate things.

White-out (Liquid Paper)
Team :To get rid of all your personal details. But it isn’t that easy!

LESSON- Don’t put personal details on social media and websites
Magnifying Glass
Team : See your close information and looking for your personal details.
Team :
Only put what you want on the internet, the things that you don’t mind if the world knows.
L Plate
Team : Learning the basics of the internet and cyber safety

Team :
The whistle is for if someone hacks into something you can tell someone and they can help stop,And gets people's attention.

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