Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Our Last Blog Post for 2014

A few lasts actually: It's also the last post as Middle S for this group of students and the last post as MIDDLE S as Ms Scott moves to grade 5/6...Stay tuned to a revamped blog in 2015...
In the meantime, here are the future grade 4/5's of Middle S reflecting on their year and some of the things they have learnt...

Natasha – this year I learnt more about Maths and Inquiry. For Maths I learnt how to do division and for Inquiry I learnt how to get lots of specific information from the Internet
Grace – I learnt more about doing presentations. Before I didn’t know how to gather as much information
Lachie – I think my first year at my new school was better than my other school, because I learnt more stuff here like Genius Hour and Inquiry. I did more specific things like the Greta Barrier Reef. I’m looking forward to my new class next year and I hope I fit in
Jake – I really enjoyed this year of school, because it helped me to be a better student, instead of being silly. I just stopped.
Jack – I learnt about times tables and time and how to search up quite a lot of information
Natalia – This year I learnt how to do division and how to tell time. I practised this more at home.
Jenny – I made new friends and I hung out different people and I learnt more about Maths and division. I thought this year was the best year so far.
James – This year I learnt how to tell time and giving better feedback from Miss Liels (our student teaching).
Angelo – This is probably one of the best years I’ve had because we got Chromebooks and I liked having Ms Scott as my teacher and I got my pen licence
Jamie – I thought this year was awesome, being my last year at school. I learnt a lot this year in writing and new ways to share my learnings. Also, getting Chromebooks and my pen licence was amazing
Cooper – This year I thought that it was a really fun year, because of being with most of my friends and meeting new friends who I now hang out with. I’m also really happy that I got my pen licence this year and my Chromebook. Term 3 was a sad term because Adol left. It was a really good year because last year I was really excited to become a year 4 and have Ms Scott as a teacher. We also had Miss Liels as a student teacher and she was really good with Inquiry and Maths, reading and writing. We also learnt how to do a lot of really good behaviour management
Riley – At the start of this year I was really looking forward to being a grade 4 and having Ms Scott as a teacher and this was one of my better years cos I learnt a lot more than usual
Jacob – I was happy that I was going into year 4 at a new school. I thought it was a good year cos I had a new teacher (a strict teacher) so I don’t muck around in class.
Molly – It was a hard year in a fun way. I learnt lots of things that I probably would have learnt otherwise. I really liked class parties and playing with my friends. I love genius hour, because I get to learn things that I never think about. I think I’ll do it at home some times.
Ryan – I liked this year because a different year and this year was probably one of my favourite years cos I learnt how to use computers more and how to use a Chromebook. I learnt more about Maths, especially problems.

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  1. I loved , loved, loved all of these posts. They were very insightful and mature. Jakes made me laugh.
    Thank you all for making Lachies first year at St Lukes, so memorable and helping him to adjust. Have a merry Xmas.
    Natalie blairs


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