Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hour of Code

Yesterday, Middle S did an Hour of Code on the website http://code.org/ This was our way of taking part in Computer Science Education Week. Below are some of our reflections on the hour :

  • Its really good because its fun and don’t really know you’re learning stuff but you are, like sharing your creative skills - Jamie
  • I think some of these games are really hard like one I can’t move to the objective - Lachie
  • I like when you start to make the game its easy to do and you can add in objectives and backgrounds - Jackson
  • I thought its really cool and its a fun way of learning computer skills - Cooper
  • I like how you can make your own games and share it with people - Jack C
  • I thought it was really interesting because it was active and fun - Jake
  • I think its really good because you work on your computer skills and learn more than you think you do - Natasha
  • You get to learn new things on the computer that you didn’t know. With all the games they teach you new things. I’m on a game called tynker and its with a dragon and I’m learning how to control the dragon - Sienna
  • It will help you if you made a game that didn’t work , you could use the code to make it work - Brandon C
  • I like how you don’t know what the games about but you figure it out when you start - Jack D
  • It was interesting how to do angles and degrees to control the character movements - Elisa
  • We figured out how to share the game with friends. Click on the Finish button and a link comes up to share with people - Piers
  • I didn't like it because it was really hard and confusing - Grace
  • It was fun how you need to remember the patterns you did and then update and have to remember them again  - James
  • I thought it was fun playing these coding games because we were learning and having fun at the same time! I was playing CODE COMBAT, it was fun because you get to upgrade your hero and then battle against  the computer and you moved by using code language -  Angelo!
  • I think I learned a lot about coding like how to control the person.I had a lot fun specially with the type of games- Ryan



  1. Well done Middles, you are beating my computer skills by far!! You're so lucky to have Mrs Coffa and Ms Scott to show you. Keep learning!
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)

  2. Hi Middles,
    Great reflections from your hour of code.
    Mrs Clark


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